How Dumbass CrossFitters Do Pullups -

How Dumbass Crossfitters Do Pullups

Here is a funny video from the comedy series “Exercises in futility” made by InfiniteElgintensity he provides voice-over commentary on fitness and nutrition videos.

How Dumbasses Do Pullups by InfiniteElgintensity

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18 thoughts on “How Dumbass Crossfitters Do Pullups”

  1. Campbell MacArthur

    post a video of you doing any kind of pull up dipshit…you have no clue. Kipping pull ups are not easy when you are doing many!! You stick to you 3 strict pull ups and then walk around flexing in your hulk hogan pants.

    1. dude that was just rowing, i didnt see his chin go above the bar once….idk call me old fashioned, but a pull up consists of dead hang pulling yourself up and going down.. now swinging.. idk

        1. all he did was forget a comma, ass.. Now swinging, idk. so if you couldn’t deduce that from what he was saying, you sir, are the one that needs to learn to spell you jay-z wanna be ,,.. you want to be Jay-z so bad why don’t you learn to spell too ass fucker.

  2. Performancematters

    106 butterfly kipping means he can do at least 40 strict pull ups straight. I never understand why bodybuilders feel this need to bash crossfit…oh wait, I do understand, they are all insecure bitches.

    1. He’s cheating with his lifts.. they do absolutely fucking nothing.. are you kidding me? he uses the momentum of his legs and the swining motion of his body to lift his body slightly… he doesnt’ get his chin anywhere NEAR the pull up bar… why don’t you call a body builder a bitch to his face, bitch.

  3. Sounds like an asshole who spends his disability check on his basement full of electronics and Star Wars paraphenalia who sits around with an x-box live headset on talking shit to 14 year olds and looking for reasons why ANY kind of working out and moving your body isn’t cool.
    Jealous douchebag with no personality.

  4. It sounds to me like there are allot of “over the hill” body builder’s are just now finding out all of those butt flexes, doesn’t mean shit.

  5. you can talk all the crap you want about this guy…but im pretty sure YOU couldnt do even half of that….just another hater with a microphone and nothing better to do

    1. do half of that?.. what you mean swing my body and never doing a chin up.. you fuckers are a joke… why don’t you curl up in the fetal position and suck your thumb because being tough online ain’t working out for ya.

    1. yeah me too… do a video, I’ll do one, … I’ll do 80 pull ups.. that’s chin to the bar and holding for 2 seconds.
      and then, I’ll do these fagody things as well. And really if this fucker was smart, he would have wore gloves instead of ripping up his hands. “Oh look at me I can swing my body like I’m having a seizure and rip my hand open.. that fuck head couldn’t do 40 standard pullups and i’ll bank my months salary on it.

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