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Dorian Yates Why He Quit Following His Plant-Based Diet

Dorian Yates has been following a plant based diet for recent years, it is not 100% plant based but as close as he felt comfortable with.

In an interview with Muscular Development, Dorian Explains why he was following the diet and what happened after he switch back to animal products.

Dorian Yates Why he Quit using a plant-based diet

I was following a plant-based diet mostly anyway not 100%, Mostly plant-based for the last few years.

So not high in protein and I wasn’t training that heavy, I was doing other stuff like biking and yoga.

I wasn’t really concerned about keeping all the muscle and I was keeping my protein fairly low.

I have been eating a ton of protein for all these years, I was giving my body a break.

Maybe it’s healthy to have less protein in the diet, so that’s what I was doing and my body weight went down from like 255 to 225.

Recently I fell off my mountain bike dislocating my shoulder, torn the tendons, ligaments, and everything.

I looked into the best way of healing and a couple of people I spoke to told me: If you wanna heal and avoid more injuries you need to get more protein.

I started to put more animal products back into my diet so I tried that and have been doing it for the past 6 weeks.

I have been banging the protein up, I haven’t been training because all I have been doing is rehab with the shoulder.

So I haven’t been lifting put I put on 6 or 7 pounds of muscle, filled out and everything so maybe that’s what my body needed.

It’s like if you had muscle before, it’s like muscle memory even though I’m not stimulating the muscles with weights.

So I guess I was just deficient in protein.

Dorian explains that he was trying to keep the protein fairly low and ate less than 100-grams of protein per day.

When following a plant-based diet it becomes more difficult to keep the protein levels as high because most plant-based foods don’t contain as much protein as animal products.

However there are some plant-based diet lifters who are able to keep their protein levels sufficient but it requires more hard work to get those proteins in because meats, fish and chicken are all very high in protein.

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If you cut chicken, meats and fish out of the diet it becomes much harder to eat much protein.

Dorian Yates Discussing His Plant-Based Diet Video

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