Dorian Yates Talks about The Best Way to Stimulate Muscle Growth

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Dorian Yates 6-time Mr. Olympia champion is one of the biggest mass monster we’ve seen in bodybuilding.

In the 90’s Dorian was much bigger then the competition and what helped him succeed was that he logged in every workout he did in a book and learned what worked the best for his body.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Dorian Yates goes over the important things to consider when your goal is to get big.

You got warm up sets, you gotta warm up to be safe and everything but the real sets I call them we are going to absolute failure and even beyond that with forced assisted reps, maby extra negative reps which is something most people neglect when they lift weights.

Dorian talks about the negative part of the exercise when you are lowering the weight and how important it is to get someone to assist you so you can get the extra lowering range of motion reps to completely exhaust the muscle.

Dorian also wrote everything he did down, every single workout and diet he was using at the time to learn what worked the best for his body, he believes in listening to your body.

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What he also did he made 4-week goals which he wrote down in this training books.

Every month I would make notes and say : ok, this is what I am doing now, these are my goals for the next 4-weeks like little goals for example I want to put 5 pounds on my bench press, but when you do that every month then at the end of the year you got 60 pounds.

Dorian Yates also is a big believer in letting your body recover after workouts and not overtrain, he believes in shorter and more intense workouts.

If I trained more often and if I did more in the gym my progress would slow down or stop. As soon as I cut back and made the workout shorter and more intense my progress went up.

Dorian also addressed the issue of overtraining which can slow down progress.

The process for muscle growth is you go in the gym and you put stress on the muscle, if you put stress that it’s not used to it’s going to react, you are going to grow.

But you need to recover from that first, you don’t go to the gym, grow and recover later that’s not the way it works. If you give your body stress you will get a reaction but before you get a reaction you have to recover.

Dorian Yates Giving Advice on How To Get Big: Video

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