Why You Don't Need to Depend on Cardio When Cutting

Why You Don’t Need to Depend on Cardio When Cutting

Go into just about any gym in the world and what do you see most people doing?

Running on a treadmill, biking, or putting in work on the elliptical machine. Yes, they want to lose weight, so what better way to do that than spend countless hours doing cardio?

Well, the truth is that cardio is actually not even necessary in order to lose weight. While having the goal of getting leaner is great, you are wasting your time and energy if you think that doing all that cardio is the key ingredient to getting six pack abs.

Now there might be a lot of people reading this article who have spent a significant amount of time doing cardio with the goal of getting lean. We apologize and acknowledge you might hate us right now.

However, the fact that you are reading this article likely means you haven’t seen the sort of results you were hoping for.

Fortunately for you we’ve put together an article on just what role cardio plays in fat loss and how you can cut it out and still lose fat if you want to.

What is Cardio?

you don't need cardio to cut

Let’s start at a very basic level.

Cardio is short for cardiovascular exercise meaning that it helps improve your cardiovascular system. This is the system that is tasked with transporting oxygen and nutrients around your body to provide fuel.

Typically cardio is known as aerobic exercise which means any type of activity that uses oxygen to fuel the body. Common types of aerobic exercise include running, swimming and cycling.

Unlike anaerobic exercise like lifting weights, aerobic exercise will help strengthen your cardiovascular system and train you to handle more endurance related activities.

Activities like walking up a few flights of stairs, cleaning the house and playing sports won’t be as difficult since your body has an easier time providing the necessary oxygen.

Performing cardio is definitely good for you as it helps decrease risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and just makes you feel better overall.

However, when it comes to losing fat specifically it’s not necessary.

Cardio for Fat Loss

Losing weight in general really comes down to calories in vs. calories out.

That means looking at the number of calories you are consuming each day compared with the number of calories you are burning. People tend to complicate things unnecessarily but this is really the core of it. While various programs might tell you ways you can bypass the system and fool your body into losing a lot of fat fast they simply don’t work.

The truth is that every calorie you consume needs to be either burned as fuel or stored as muscle or fat.

It’s fairly simple to determine how many calories you are taking in – just count up call the calories you consume each day. We won’t be getting into details regarding the actual diet side of losing fat in this article.

However, there are a variety of ways you can burn calories.

First of all you are constantly burning calories throughout the day just by going through your basic daily routine. The amount of calories you burn this way is known as your basic metabolic rate or BMR.

However, if you do more activity than that – say 30 minutes of running – you will be burning more calories to provide energy to perform that activity. This is why people tend to perform cardio when trying to lose fat. The body will look to get energy to fuel those activities and they will obtain it from fat, protein or glucose in the body.

Therefore cardio is just a way to help you in achieving a calorie deficit.

It might sound like we are advising you to do tons of cardio so that you can lose fat. It does make sense in theory – if you are burning more calories your body will need to break down more body fat in order to provide you with fuel.

However, the truth is that the number of calories you burn from cardio each day is quite small.

Here’s an example to help prove the point: let’s say you perform 30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill a few times a week. Each sessions will burn about 300 calories, maybe more if they are particularly intense. You shower up and leave the gym but now you are feeling hungry so you go grab a bite to eat.

You go for a muffin figuring you have earned it after that hard work.

Well, that muffin contained 300 calories so you just put back on all the calories you burned off. As a result, the hard work you put in at the gym didn’t actually improve your fat loss results for the day.

Yes you do get the health benefits of performing cardiovascular exercise, just not the slimmer waistline.

The Importance of Diet

you don't need cardio to get shredded

This example should help prove the importance of your diet when it comes to losing fat. It’s so easy to eat a lot of calories – in fact, you could never dream of doing enough cardio to burn them all off.

Therefore, while cardio can help you burn off extra calories you simply won’t get the results you are looking for if you rely solely on that for your weight loss goals. If you want to succeed at this you will need to focus on the amount of food you are consuming – this is truly what determines how much fat you will lose.

Now we’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that most of you aren’t training for a marathon or other endurance-type event.

Therefore for the average guy who goes to the gym a few times per week it’s your diet that will determine just how much fat you can lose.

Use the right fat burner to help your body burn more calories

Diet is the most important factor when it comes down to losing fat.

However, for some guys that simply doesn’t work. Whatever they do they just can’t seem to get their body to burn more fat.

That’s where fat burners step in. They are designed for those guys. The guys that just need a little extra push to make the body burn more calories throughout the day.

How do fat burners do it?

Well, there are number of ways a high quality fat burner can help you burn more calories. One of those is with thermogenesis, which increases your metabolism resulting in more calories being burnt. Make sure your fat burner contains these ingredients to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

But let me stop you quickly here. Fat burners are NOT some kind of magic pills and if a company claims to have the magic formula they’re most likely a scam.

This is exactly why we spent over two months researching fat burners and the ingredients in them. We wanted to find out which ingredients ACTUALLY work, which don’t and which one are downright dangerous.

Since we spent so much time and energy putting it together we’re thinking whether we should start charging for it, simply because you will save hundreds of dollars anyway. And not to mention but we’ve even been contacted by a couple of big companies asking why we are giving this kind of information away for free.

But at least for now you can read it for free here: Read our report on fat burners here.


At this point many of you are probably upset to find out they’ve been wasting so much time at the gym running on the treadmill.

However, the fact that you clicked on this article (and made it to the conclusion section) means that what you have been doing hasn’t got you the results you were hoping for. Going forward, focus on building a solid diet that causes you to consume a moderate calorie deficit.

That way you will be able to gradually lose fat without sweating away on the cardio.

If you enjoy performing cardio or want to reap the health benefits then feel free to continue doing it – but remember that six pack abs are built in the kitchen!

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