Dominant Testo Review – Does This Expensive Product really work?

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Make sure you read this Dominant Testo review, I promise it will save you time, money and a lot of disappointment!

But more of that soon.

First, let me put something on the table.

We are all looking for that secret key to open the door to massive muscle growth, right? Week after week, we push ourselves like absolute animals in the gym to get the body we desire.

But sometimes those results come too slow. The work is there but the outstanding muscles are not. Definition is lost amongst the fat, and often we don’t have the energy or strength to push out that extra rep.

You agree, yeah?

Well, you probably already know this, but there is a solution!

Warning! Dear Dominant Testo reader: Click here to see why this booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

Every single day, training junkies like me and you are escaping that plateau by taking testosterone boosters!

Guys are achieving ridiculous muscle gain much faster than what is considered ‘normal’! They are pressing pounds more, squeezing out unbelievable rep sets and shedding fat like absolute beasts!

But it’s not all good news.

Due to the tremendous proven success of these T-boosters, the market has become flooded with similar products all making incredible claims.

A lot of them do not work.

That’s why this Dominant Testo review is important!

Dominant Testo is marketed as a testosterone booster, but does it work?

In this Dominant Testo review, I will investigate the claims made by the product. I will look at how it is supposed to function and most importantly whether it deserves to rank amongst the best testosterone boosters on the market.

You really don’t want to miss this!

Dominant Testo Review

dominant testo

I want to be honest with you in this Dominant Testo review.

I love testosterone boosters!

These amazing supplements boost the hormone testosterone naturally with no side effects. Having supercharged T-levels has totally revolutionized the results I obtain from training.

That’s true.

Testosterone is a formidable natural miracle which can:

  • Boost strength levels 1
  • Raise sex drive to beast proportions 2
  • Rapidly increase the rate of muscle growth 3
  • Drop the stubborn fat 4
  • Increase sexual function
  • Elevate energy levels 5

All that happens when T-levels are raised by proven testosterone boosters!

So, what about Dominant Testo?

This testosterone booster, made by an unnamed company, makes all the above claims.

Unusually for a testosterone booster, it emphasizes that it is a post-workout supplement. Most T-boosters are taken prior to training to raise energy levels and boost muscle gain.

dominant testo review

In simple terms:

Dominant Testo stresses the importance of recovery time after training as the essential part of working out. Apparently it restores natural nutrients and prevents ‘crashing’.

It’s a novel approach.

But now a word of warning.

I never like to give away much too soon! Man, I want you to read my Dominant Testo review! But in this case I will get something out of the way from the get-go.

Ready for this?

It seems that Dominant Testo has been discontinued. The official website is still up and running, but on the home page it states clearly that the product is no longer for sale. They are not taking any further orders.

If the alarm bells aren’t ringing yet, they should be!

What’s more, l spent a heck of a lot of time trying to get hold of the product elsewhere. There is no Dominant Testo GNC or Dominant Testo Amazon site either.

So if you are thinking to yourself, “where can I buy Dominant Testo?”, the answer is, you can’t!

And a further warning!

Quite a few ‘fake’ Dominant Testo sites have popped up claiming to sell the supplement. When you click on the purchase button, they try to hit you with a completely different product.

As they say, ‘buyer beware’!

Who Should Use Dominant Testo?

gynectrol review


Considering the information I have just given you above in this Dominant Testo review, I would be very reluctant about using it already.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In general, Dominant Testo and T-boosters are designed for guys who:

  • Are looking for faster recovery times
  • Want to build muscle fast
  • Demand an increase in sex drive
  • Want to drop fat
  • Need an energy boost
  • Don’t want to use steroids

Guys looking for these results should use a proven testosterone booster.

Read on in this Dominant Testo review and discover whether this supplement is one of those!

Who Should Not Use Dominant Testo?

After you’ve finished reading this Dominant Testo review, you may well believe that it is really not for you!

But before you make that decision, here’s who should definitely not take Dominant Testo:

  • Guys with diabetes – some of the ingredients can affect blood sugar levels. Check with your health practitioner first
  • Guys wanting steroids – this is a natural supplement that contains no steroids
  • Guys under 18 years – you are already overflowing with testosterone!
  • Women – the product is designed for men
  • Magic pill seekers – you still have to put in the effort to get those results!

Seriously, if you are not willing to put in the work, this product will have no effect at all.

Get this.

Put in the work down the gym, train properly and learn how to use the equipment and you will see your results go stratospheric.


Sit on your ass, watch TV and stuff your face with junk food and you will see no results at all from testosterone boosters!

How Does Dominant Testo Work?

blood flow image


As it is discontinued, you can’t get hold of it so it will not work!

But, let’s assume you can.

Their marketing gives very little detail on the biological process involved to achieve its claims. It does state that it improves muscle gain, restores energy and sheds fat post-workout.

However, there is no explanation how this occurs.

So, for a thorough Dominant Testo review, I will do the work for them!

Boosting testosterone has the following effects on your workouts:

Boosts Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels

Raising T-Levels increases production of human growth hormone (HGH).

Remember being a kid and wishing you were taller?

Well HGH made that dream come true. But that isn’t all it does! It is also essential for dropping fat and building muscle.

Raise testosterone = More HGH = Increases muscles and reduces fat.6

Boosts Energy and Speeds Recovery

Dominant Testo could raise testosterone, which in turn increases serotonin levels.7

Which means:

The more serotonin you have, the more energized you feel and the more sets you knock out!

Improves Blood Flow

By improving blood flow, nutrients and oxygen can reach the parts where they are needed, faster!

The result:

For muscles, increased oxygen means you can knock out extra reps and they repair quicker.

And for your tackle, harder and stronger erections.

Improves Muscle Protein Synthesis

Muscles grow through protein synthesis.

When we workout they become damaged. The muscles repair and they return firmer, stronger and more defined!

It’s the best part of bodybuilding!

Boosting testosterone levels increases the rate of muscle growth.

It’s like this.

Muscles rebuild through protein synthesis. The more testosterone you have the faster this happens. Testosterone is the fuel behind this process.

Without satisfactory T-levels, muscles will just not build.8

That’s the theory behind how Dominant Testo could work. But as they have not indicated it in their literature, it’s my educated opinion!

So, let’s dive into the ingredients in this Dominant Testo review and see how effective they are in achieving these results.

Dominant Testo Ingredients

ingredients 1

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

I mentioned before in this Dominant Testo review that their website was still up and running, right?

Well, in some ways it makes quite interesting reading.

They do detail their ingredients together with their supposed effects on the body. That’s good.

But get this.

Dominant Testo then indicate they have pulled all the ingredient information off a health and well-being website!

At least they are honest!

It appears they have done very little research themselves! More alarm bells guys!

Anyways, let’s see these ingredients.

Tribulus Terrestris


A herb which has been used in Asian medicine for centuries.

It’s a proven libido and sexual performance enhancer. That’s a fact.9


Whilst this plant has been shown to increase testosterone in animals, there is no proof to date that it can do the same for humans. More scientific testing has to take place.10

Horny Goat Weed

You can tell by the name this is good for your manhood!

This Chinese flowering plant is proven to increase the quality of blood flow in males.

In doing so, muscles are replenished and erections are improved! 11 12

There is no proof that it improves testosterone production.



An amazing all-rounder. It is used to treat stomach problems, baldness, tuberculosis and kidney disease.

Most important for this supplement, it has been proven to make small increases in testosterone production. (Although that was with a dosage nearly double than that contained within Dominant Testo.)13

A quick word of caution:

Fenugreek has been shown to lower blood sugar in guys, so if you are diabetic please check with your medical practitioner first!


A natural element which has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.14


An interesting ingredient.

Studies have shown that deficiency in zinc will lead to low testosterone count. This element is essential to keep testosterone production at healthy levels.15

But bear this in mind.

So far, there has been little evidence to show that raising the amount of zinc will boost T-levels above normal production. It might, but the jury is still out.16

Overall, the ingredients are OK. That’s the best praise I can give.

The most powerful and proven testosterone boosting ingredient is magnesium. However, this is found in the same quantities in many over-the-counter multivitamin pills.

And a lot cheaper too.

Let me give Dominant Testo some credit here.

It does contain some proven sexual performance enhancers and libido boosters. But there’s nothing that’s going to whack your testosterone into overdrive.

Here’s the issue.

There are a few extremely potent T-boosting ingredients I would really expect to see in the formula.

For example, D-Aspartic acid is phenomenally powerful. It is a cornerstone of a many serious testosterone boosters, but it is simply not included.

The Dominant Testo formulation is, to be honest, average.

Dominant Testo Side Effects

side effects


As a natural supplement, there are no reported side effects. You are not going to grow man-boobs or see your balls shrink.

But again, be careful.

As I mentioned earlier in this Dominant Testo review, it can affect blood sugar levels, so be sensible if you suffer from diabetes.

But in general, the side effects of Dominant Testo are pretty much non-existent.

Dominant Testo Before After Results

dominant testo review

Earlier in this Dominant Testo Review I mentioned the official website’s honest approach. (If you recall, it admitted pulling all the scientific research off a health site.)

Well it doesn’t end there!

There are some ‘after’ images on the site, and yet again it is completely truthful. It states the pictures of ridiculously stacked guys ‘do not represent typical results’!

So there you have it. Being jacked is not a result of taking Dominant Testo!

But there’s more.

To actually see the results, I checked out customer Dominant Testo reviews and testimonials. Here’s a fair selection.

“I tried two bottles, and I didn’t really feel any difference in my energy or muscle mass. That was a hundred bucks down the drain


“This stuff is a joke, it does not work

-Hugh Ruhlman

“Don’t order, it’s garbage

-Jean Chauvette

“I’ve been using this for several months and I believe it has helped optimize my hormones

-Denis M.

Positive testimonials are few and far between. The consensus is that in general the supplement has very little effect at all.

A couple more issues.

  • Many customers complained they were continually billed every month even after cancelling their orders. Calling them on the Dominant Testo phone number provided no help at all.
  • They were accused of making fake news ‘Dominant Testo Shark Tank’ adverts

Where to Buy Dominant Testo?

Unless you find some old stock somewhere, chances are you will not be able to purchase it.

The official website is no longer taking orders, and I cannot find any of the product on online retail sites, including GNC and Walmart.

Dominant Testo Review Conclusion

dominant testo review

Our #1 recommendations is TestoGen. Click here to read our TestoGen Review

This is a product that personally I would stay clear of.


Firstly, Dominant Testo is at best a very average testosterone booster. The majority of the ingredients do not boost testosterone at all. Yes, they may improve energy and sex drive, but not testosterone.

The key ingredients you would expect to find to shoot testosterone through the roof are absent.

Secondly, there are alarm bells everywhere:

  • Lack of information on how it works from the company
  • The official website no longer sells the product
  • Allegedly making ‘fake news’ adverts
  • ‘Scientific’ information pulled off a health site
  • Complaints from customers about being overbilled
  • An extortionate price

It’s a product I would avoid, and to be honest as you cannot buy it, there is no choice anyway.

Guys, here’s the truth.

There are awesome testosterone boosters on the market that are proven, safe and push you straight into beast mode. Muscle will pile on, you will be energized and will perform like an animal in and out of the gym.

Choose those instead!

Dominant Testo Review FAQ

How to Take Dominant Testo?”

Take two capsules per day after every workout.

How Much Does Dominant Testo Cost?”

When it was still available, Dominant Testo retailed at $95.00 per bottle.

Seriously expensive!

Is Dominant Testo Safe?”

There seems to be no reports of anyone suffering side effects from Dominant Testo.

Where Can You Buy Dominant Testo?”

You can’t.

The official website has ceased trading and I cannot locate any other sites retailing it. They might appear from time to time on Amazon or eBay, if someone has some old stock.

Does Dominant Testo Really Work?”

Not really, no.

Testimonials are very negative. As this Dominant Testo review has shown, although the ingredients may promote energy and libido, there are few effective testosterone boosting ingredients in the supplement.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

Historically, it appears there was a free 14-day trial, but as it is no longer for sale there are no guarantees.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Dominant Testo Before Seeing Results?”

Some guys have reported feeling more energized within seven days, but nothing more.

If you are looking to get jacked, this product will not provide results.

Do They Ship Worldwide?”

As the official websites no longer sells the product, they do not ship anywhere.



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