Do We Really Need to Train Legs?

Do We Really Need to Train Legs?

 Let’s not kid ourselves here – most guys just don’t like training legs.

Squatting properly is hard and takes a long time to perfect, not to mention it leaves your legs feeling so sore that walking down a flight of stairs is a challenge.

However, the main reason guys don’t like to train legs?

It’s not upper body.

If you are like most guys, you are lifting weights for one main reason – to improve your appearance.

While six pack abs, chiseled pecs and huge biceps definitely grab people’s attention, legs, well, they tend to only impress other bodybuilders.

This is why many guys don’t even bother to train legs.

Instead, they focus their energy exclusively on the upper body muscles like chest, back, biceps and shoulder.

Despite what many experts will tell you, it is definitely possible to get very strong and build a nice upper body without ever training legs.

However, guys who go this route tend to wear pants to the gym a lot and for good reason – their legs look ridiculously small compared to the rest of them.

In fact, when you do see them in shorts it feels like you are watching a cartoon!

Bodybuilding has obviously been popular for a very long time, yet if one thing has remained consistent it’s guys avoiding leg day.

While the hardcore bodybuilders might insist, you have to train legs, you can actually get away with avoiding it if you are OK with having chicken legs.

However, if you want to build a well-balanced, aesthetic physique then you definitely can’t afford to skip legs.

Do We Really Need to Train Legs?

Benefits of Training Legs

When you are training to build muscle at the gym you are essentially trying to become stronger so that you can lift more weight in the future than you can today.

This is why compound movements are so important – they allow you to lift heavy weight that would normally not be possible with isolation exercises such as dumbbell curls or triceps extensions.

Squats just so happen to be the king of compound movements.

They can be performed in a variety of ways such as front squats, ATG squats, hack squats, etc. In addition to building strong quads, squats will also strengthen the hamstrings, calves and glutes.

Also, your abs and back work to support the body throughout the movement, so it will help you become more balanced.

In addition to giving you a rounded-out physique, having strong legs also helps you in upper body exercises.

Bench press, shoulder press, deadlift and others actually incorporate legs into the movement.

If your legs are stronger you will be able to drive the weight up more effectively.

The bench press in particular requires a strong drive from the legs in order to lift the weight.

Many guys don’t realize that weak legs are actually what is holding them back from bringing their bench press up!

If you are struggling with getting past a plateau on the bench press, overhead press, or other pressing movement try giving your legs some attention and watch what happens.

We’ve all heard the expression “only as strong as the weakest link”.

This also applies to your appearance.

If you have a great upper body but your legs are skinny and undeveloped, people’s attention will naturally be drawn to the weakest link.

That means rather than admiring your huge biceps or six pack abs they will be too busy looking at your hysterically small legs.

Believe it or not, a lot of women will look at a guy’s legs and butt when checking him out.

While it might not be the most important item on their list, if they look way underdeveloped compared to the rest of your body it will make the whole package look bad.

Leg Day is Tough

We aren’t going to lie to you and say that leg day is not tough.

In fact, it’s the most challenging, intense day in your training program.

However, those who go through the trouble of learning and doing squats and deadlifts will see a huge benefit.

They take a ton of focus to perform properly which builds a lot of mental toughness.

You better believe that will carry over to your other exercises.

When you can perform a set of squats with solid form bench press will seem easy by comparison.

That means you won’t catch yourself slacking off on other workouts.

Do We Really Need to Train Legs?Stay Balanced

Bodybuilding and symmetry go hand in hand.

At every bodybuilding contest the judges aren’t just looking for absolute size but rather the symmetry of the body.

If a guy gets on stage with tiny legs you better believe he won’t place anywhere near the top 3.

This carries over into our day to day lives – our body is a balanced machine that works together – both upper and lower half.

While some of you might not care, building leg muscles will get you the respect of other guys at the gym.

We all love those girls who squat ATG and show off their bodies in yoga pants.

While the attention you get from other guys at the gym won’t be sexual, it’s still a sign that you respect the sport and care about doing it right.

Squatting and Hormone Levels

One reason a lot of bodybuilders urge others to do squats is the impact the exercise has on testosterone production.

Since the squat works so many muscle groups at once your body responds by producing more testosterone.

Not only does this lead to better leg development – it also improves your upper body.

Yes, that’s right – by training legs you will actually make faster gains on the upper body muscle groups.

We all know that testosterone is important when it comes to building muscle.

If your testosterone production is low, then you can expect to have a tough time building muscle.

This is why it’s absolutely crucial to do whatever you can to increase your testosterone levels as much as possible.

Of course, we aren’t saying you should run out and inject yourself with synthetic hormones.

That’s probably what a lot of these big guys who don’t train legs rely on to get their bodies to keep growing.

Instead, you can actually increase your testosterone levels naturally a number of different ways.

For starters, focus your training routine around heavy compound lifts like the deadlift, bench press and, you guessed it, the squat.

Doing ALL of these exercises will ensure your body is producing optimal levels of testosterone.

This will translate to increased strength, muscle growth and improved recovery time.

It might seem counter-intuitive but it’s really simple – doing squats and training legs will actually make you stronger and help you grow faster all over your body!

Do We Really Need to Train Legs?

Increasing Testosterone Levels

If you aren’t doing everything you can to increase your testosterone levels, make sure you fix that immediately.

That means eating a clean, balanced diet that is high in protein and healthy fats.

It also means getting plenty of sleep, doing heavy resistance training with compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups.

Finally, it means taking a five-star quality testosterone boosting supplement that uses natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.

These products might not be cheap, but when combined with a great training program and diet can takes your results to a whole different level.

The testosterone boost you get from these supplements will help you lift more and build more muscle, which in turns will further increase testosterone production.

As you can see, you will get an amazing compound effect by doing ALL of these things together.


You can see the best 3 testosterone boosting supplements on the market in our guide here.


Hopefully we have convinced you just how important it is to train legs.

While it certainly isn’t mandatory and you CAN build a solid upper-body without doing squats (just ask all those guys walking around your gym with chicken legs) you won’t be entirely satisfied with the output.

Your body will be imbalanced, you will look ridiculous with shorts on, you will have a harder time increasing your upper body lifts and your testosterone production will be lower.

Contrast that with the guys who do train legs.

They have balanced physiques, get better results from their upper-body days, look great in shorts and have the respect of other bodybuilders.

So yes, while it definitely isn’t mandatory to train legs you simply won’t reach your maximum potential as a lifter.

Additionally, you will never develop that mental toughness that translates in other areas of your life – even outside the gym.

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