Worlds Most Muscular World Cup Song by DJ Muscleboy Goes Viral

You Have To See The Worlds Most Muscular World Cup Song That Has Gone Viral

“I’m sorry Will Smith, this is now the official World Cup song”

Egill ‘Gillz’ Einarsson or DJ Muscleboy (Instagram: @EgillGillz) is a television celebrity, actor, two times best-selling author, a fitness coach and a DJ from Iceland. You might remember his first song Louder which we wrote about on Broscience. Louder was 8 weeks on the top in Iceland. He followed up with a comedy christmas “Musclebells” which went viral.

Now Muscleboy has a new song. It is without a doubt the worlds most muscular World Cup song!

You might have seen the Icelandic fans do the Viking Clap. Muscleboy, who’s in Russia to watch the Argentina vs Iceland game, teaches the world to do it right!

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