DJ Muscleboy Summerbody Music Video feat Manswess

NEW! World’s Most Muscular DJ Released ‘Summerbody’ Hit Song For Bodybuilders

dj muscleboy pumpEgill Einarsson is a well-known, Icelandic TV persona, fitness coach and last but not least, a DJ!

As far as his musical career, he was part of the dance act Merzedes Club in 2008 where he was known as Gillz and Gillzenegger.

Gillzenegger logically originates from “Schwarzenegger”.

Nowadays however, he is pretty much a solo artist that goes under the name of “DJ Muscleboy”.

The Icelandic superstar even has his own movie, called Lífsleikni Gillz.

In his movie, Egill tries to teach young men how to be the Alpha male.


If you’ve seen him before, this guy is obviously stacked with charisma.

As you may already know from his stage name, he preaches training & living healthy.

Just today, on 19th of July 2019, he released his new song, called “Summerbody”, which we will show you in just a bit!

Needless to say, when you combine an energetic persona like his, along with training and partying, you get awesome, dynamic and motivating music!

He is indeed a different character of the fitness industry, but he definitely knows his stuff, judging by what he says.

“If you wanna be wealthy, get healthy! I will never break up with the gym, you just need to workout.”

-DJ Muscleboy

In his newest video, he brings a new artist with him, the artist being “Manswess”.

Check out the new music video “DJ Muscleboy – Summerbody” and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

PS. You can check out all of his other, equally as amazing, hit songs here:

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