The World‘s Most Muscular DJ Just Released A New Bodybuilding Track

World’s Most Muscular DJ Released a Summer Anthem For Bodybuilders and It’s Actually Pretty Good

Egill “Gillz” Einarsson aka DJ Muscleboy is a television celebrity, world class actor, best-selling author, bodybuilder and the world’s most muscular DJ. His highly successful bestselling lifestyle books, that have been sold in tens of thousands of copies, and how he sometimes pisses feminists off, has made him extremely popular among the younger generations worldwide.

You’ve probably seen him before in his previous song Louder which is now known as the official party anthem for bodybuilders worldwide. But now this muscular DJ from Iceland is back with a BRAND NEW bodybuilding track called Pump.

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DJ Muscleboy recently performed with the world famous musician, David Guetta, in one of the biggest and most attended concerts ever held in Iceland.

Here is his new song, turn up the speakers and get pumped up brahs!

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