8 Pictures Of Disgusting Legs - Skip Your Next Leg Day

8 Pictures Of Disgusting Legs That Will Make You Skip Your Next Leg Day

Bodybuilders have the luxury of working out indoors, in a controlled environment where you can regulate many of the variables around you – Weight, Resistance, Duration of Exercises, Hydration, etc. Many would call bodybuilding a sport, and we think it is too. Well, maybe more of an Art of Sculpting your body to be better than your bro’s and bigger than the guy next to you. Bodybuilding is all fun until is comes to the one dreaded workout that no weightlifter ever wants to think about, let alone do. The one workout where we would rather sweat it out in the Sauna to further our Cut then to ever have to do this workout.


That’s right, Cardio is the dreaded disease that brings even the toughest of bodybuilders and aesthetics freaks to their knee’s. Cardio is the Kryptonite of bodybuilders and many never want to do it, think about it, or step foot onto a cardio related machine. Say “Cardio” to a bodybuilder and they’ll ask you what that is? Don’t even mention Crossfit, you’ll be ridiculed into oblivion.
Some would say the only Cardio they need is with their Girlfriend, like this lad, who might we add we agree with 100% ladies:

Nevertheless, Bodybuilders aren’t the only guys who have legs that are built of steal, toned to the max and bulging with veins from every angle. There’s a whole different breed of athletes that train their legs to become the strongest in the world. Cyclists.

You may be laughing as you read this, but amateur and professional cyclists endure endless Miles and Hours in their saddle, riding up the steepest mountains and enduring pain that many would only wish upon their foes. At this moment, every bro is probably thinking, GTFOH, who does this guy think he is comparing Bodybuilders and Cyclists?. Well, before you jump to conclusions on who has the harder training regime or who has the most endurance and stamina, take a look at the following pictures and think to yourself what it would be like to be a Cyclist.

Just kidding, never think about being a Cyclist. But have a look at these Pictures anyways to get a sense of what these machines go through in Cycling world, you’ll be Further convinced to never take up the sport.

A cyclist Legs after 90 Miles (145 km) on the Tour De France. Veins For Days.
gross legs

This bro’s legs are cooling off after a Gruesome race in the 18th Stage of the Tour De France in 2014. After this picture surfaced on the riders twitter account, many people made accusations of doping and taking PED’s, which we quickly denied by the rider with the statement saying ‘Of course I will not have legs like Victoria’s Secret models, or Mary from a nearby vegetable shop, or anyone working in an office who does a 10km bike ride or an hour run three times a week. Unfortunately it does not work like that and this what you see in the picture. It is not unhealthy.’

This is what happens if you only do Leg exercises, Every.Damn.Day.
disgusting legs skip leg day

This is George Hincapié’s Calf at the start of the 5th stage of the Tour de France 2011 cycling race. Someone needs to remind George to not do Cardio every freaking day!

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These Legs Look like they belong in a Movie….
skip leg day

Ah yes, The Machinist. The Perfect Match.
reasons to skip leg day

Just kidding, the legs from Above are 2013 Tour De France Winner, Chris Froome’s, Legs toned up and veiny as heck. We can only imagine the BF percentage these guys have on them if their legs look this dry.

These legs look like they’ve been injected with Synthol, but they aren’t. Just some Sprinter Cyclists with Quads that could strangle you by just looking at them.
reasons skip leg day

Cyclists don’t care about aesthetics, symmetry or anything to do with physique. They care about winning races and winning a lot of them. Hence the Proportions of these guys’ legs. They Almost looks Photoshopped, but this is legit. Most cyclists would dream to have legs like these. The legs above on the Right belong to Robert Forstemann, who is known as Quadzilla. Here is a picture of him next to a normal lad:
reasons to skip leg dayImagine the Power behind a Kick this guy could Deliver. Watch out MMA, here come all the Washed up cyclists!

We saved the best for last on the next page.

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