Did Insulin Ruin Bodybuilding? TRUTH Exposed by Bodybuilder

In our recent articles, we spoke about the biggest disappointments of modern bodybuilding.

That is namely the guts the top bodybuilders have, even at the lowest bodyfat percentages.

Some people call them “Bubble guts”, “bodybuilders’ pregnancy”, “HGH Guts”, etcetera.

And this in fact is not something new. It goes back more than 20 years, to when the mass monster era begun.

ronnie coleman gut did insulin ruin bodybuilding

Above you can see a picture of “The King” Ronnie Coleman, back in 2003.

This was one of his best shapes EVER, yet, he was still looking 8 months pregnant!

Where it all started

dorian yates 1993

Needless to say, it is probably 6-times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, who gave the start of the bubble gut avalanche.

That is mainly because he was the one to first introduce the mass-monster physique back in 1993.

As you can see on the picture above, his mid-section is quite blocky and faded.

He definitely did not have a bubble gut and by today’s standards, his gut is actually tight.

However, he pushed more and more competitors to use more and more drugs, which is what ultimately led to the gut syndrome for most of the top level bodybuilders.

did insulin ruin bodybuilding

Unfortunately, the distended gut seemed to be contagious and even the sharpest of bodybuilders like Dennis Wolf and Dexter “The blade” Jackson got it.

Growth hormone and Insulin

Many people were speculating that human growth hormone is the exact reason why bodybuilders were getting distended guts.

And while there was no proof that was the case, here is what Dorian Yates himself was saying about use of GH:

“I used GH during my contest phases. The first time I used it was for the 1991 Mr. O and night of champions. I used four IU a day while I was dieting, but I can’t say I noticed a lot of difference adding it in.”

-Dorian Yates, 6-time Mr. Olympia

If however, you look at the late 20th century and the bodybuilding competitors back then, you will see that the gut didn’t really exist back then.

That is what leads us to think that human growth hormone is not really the core of the bubble gut issue.

“As for insulin, I only used it for the 1997 off-season leading up to my 6th and final Mr. Olympia win. I got bigger than ever but it wasn’t quality muscle and my midsection was distended. For me, insulin had a negative impact on my physique. It kept me from getting into my usual condition that I prided myself on. Raw mass is not the same thing as quality muscle tissue. I got a bit bigger, but that was at the expense of my condition, crispness and clear muscle separation.”

-Dorian Yates

What Dorian himself said is a clear statement that kind of proves that insulin is what made a big, negative impact on bodybuilding.

Not just on the bubble gut, but also, on the overall vision of bodybuilders.

justing compton abs

It’s kind of weird that a bodybuilder can have shredded glutes, but the midsection is literally nowhere to be seen, right?

And that’s even at single digit bodyfat percentages!

Bodybuilders nowadays are getting more and more shredded, however, their separation and definition literally disappears!

And that is kind of weird, because the whole idea of getting shredded is displaying a muscular, separated, detailed physique at lower bodyfat percentages. Not just showing some veins…

Bottom line

Well, before we show you the detailed video about this issue, let’s wrap this up with what Kevin Levrone has to say:

“When I won the Arnold Classic in 1996 at 257 pounds, I used GH (growth hormone) twice a day every day for the last four weeks before the competition. On top of that, I also used insulin. Both of those helped me bump my weight up with 15 lbs, but it wasn’t quality muscle. That was just like what Dorian Yates experienced with these new-age drugs. To me, even though I won the show, I looked soft and watery. I used both drugs again for the Arnold Classic next year, but this time it threw my conditioning off so badly that I placed eighth!”

-Kevin Levrone

We can tell that even though bodybuilders nowadays come at much much lower bodyfat percentages, the conditioning you see is just not the same as before.

You don’t see as much separation and feathers, even though they have little to none fat and water under their skin.

In conclusion, we can say that bodybuilding really needs to ban the use of insulin, as it just has a softening effect on one’s physique.

So… Which look do you prefer?

Old school

sammir bannout

New school mass monster

ronnie coleman 2003


Choose for yourself and make sure to check out the video below, where this massive issue is addressed in details!

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