Did An Elite Athlete Die From Too Much Creatine?

Did An Elite Athlete Die From Too Much Creatine?

In the world of athletics it’s a fair assessment to say that doping is a pretty frowned upon. There are many organizations put in place to ensure that athletes in certain sports are put through rigorous testing in order to weed out the “cheats” and keep the sport clean. Where bodybuilding is concerned, the topic is never really openly discussed though many who are educated on the subject realize what’s going on behind the scenes. Using anabolics and other products can be a great tool for a bodybuilder to put on additional quality muscle.

But for those bodybuilders looking to build muscle without the use of anabolic steroids there was always a different road they could travel, one that ensured that their bodies could reap the benefits of muscle growth without using substances deemed illegal without a doctor’s prescription. Creatine is a supplement that many athletes across a wide variety of sports use on a consistent basis. It’s been a supplement that has helped athlete both build muscle and have high energy levels throughout a workout.

The recent death of New Zealand rugby player Jonah Lomus has the sporting community talking, particularly Irish writer Neil Francis who is claiming that the athlete’s death is directly related to the taking of creatine. Lomus suffered from chronic kidney disease and Francis says the cause of the Nephrotic Syndrome that the rugby standout was suffering from can be directly linked to his creatine use.

“In the mid-’90s when Creatine became the new wonder supplement, it was embraced by New Zealand rugby. Without engaging in a systematic supplementation programme, the Kiwis at provincial level actively promoted and recommended the product.”

Francis also references the fact that Lomu’s teammate Joely Vidiri also suffered from the same Nephrotic Syndrome. The Irish writer goes on to reference prolific basketball superstar Alonso Mourning as suffering from the same ailment due to his creatine usage.

“Alonso Mourning, a basketball player with the New Jersey Nets and a member of the American dream team in the ’90s, was a big user of Creatine and his doctors went on record as saying that it was a major contributory factor in his acquiring Nephrotic Syndrome.”

But with all these references the biggest problem with the theory is that Lomu never admitted to taking creatine, as if doing so was tantamount to admitting anabolic steroid use. The reality is that until all the facts come out it will be hard to come to a definitive conclusion. But with all this evidence in mind it should at least get athletes to research a bit more about what they put into their bodies.

Article via Generation Iron

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