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Tips for developing the best physique possible

History has shown time and time again that those who are in a rush to get to where they are going often times experience failure and disappointment.

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While the world of physique development lends its hand more to the slow and steady wins the race approach, there are a few things you can do to fast track your progress and set yourself up for early success. Keep in mind, the rate at which each individual attains quality muscle differs and the standard by which you compare yourself to will vary as well. That being said you may as well try your best, in a world better suited for the patient type, to get things moving for yourself as quickly as you can so that you’ll get bitten by the iron bug with the rapid gains seen early on if all things are done correctly.

Believe in yourself

Simply put, if you do not believe in yourself and your abilities, then no one else will.

This will be clearly visible as you transition from a beginner to seasoned vet. Each time you hit the gym, you have to be clear on the fact that you can do this, you can achieve the goals you have predetermined and the image you have in your head when you close your eyes is attainable for you. If you cannot develop this mind set you have already put yourself at a tremendous disadvantage and all your efforts will never be utilized as effectively as they could have been.

Set small goals for the bigger picture

If you have become dead set on developing an Olympia worthy physique in a relatively short period of time you are doing yourself a disservice.

developing the best physique possible

The better approach is to set very small goals for yourself each week and even each training session, work as hard as you can to conquer these small goals, then allow for those little achieved goals to add up. Experiencing success each day is a fantastic way to stay motivated and an even better way to track your progress.

Read everything

You need to become a student of the iron game and gain as much knowledge as you possibly can to ensure you are intelligently employing your methods in the gym and at the dinner table. Sources such as this website, magazines, blogs, research papers and basically everything and anything to do with training, diet, supplementation and all that encompasses the physique world should be at your immediate disposal. This way if a question arises, you know where to find the answer.

Learn from the experienced

In the same manner as you read everything, speak to as many people as you can find who have a deep knowledge of the sport and an understanding of the intricacies associated with fulfilling potential. Time gives way to experience and a better outlook on the process as a whole. Those who have been around the sport for a while have a well of knowledge and are in the unique position of being able to share with you, if you are lucky, pointers and suggestions that may help propel your quest to the next level. A word of caution here though, be careful with whom you speak with.

Time in the gym doesn’t necessarily mean time well spent, so look for reputable experience.

Decipher the difference between science and gym lore

If I were a betting man, I would always go with science when making important decisions about my training, diet or otherwise.

 developing the best physique possible

Scientifically proven methods can give you comfort and eliminate a lot of unnecessary guessing. Researchers and scientists spend a lot of time, effort and money to bring us the most up to date information regarding the body and how it responds to the training, nutrition and supplement stimulus. Therefore we should pay close attention to it. Often times gym lore gets mixed up with science and people end up doing something that they heard worked, or so and so said to do this, or the legend goes that he or she did this and they had success so it must work. That’s bad practice and I would advise to steer clear of it and definitely do not add to it.

Trial and error is your friend (as long as you’re keeping track)

There’s nothing wrong with trying something and having it go belly up on you. As long as you are learning from your mistakes, keeping track of them, putting in the time to understand why it failed, then establishing a plan of action to correct it, trial and error will be one of your greatest assets. Be sure to write everything down so that you can always go back and evaluate the effectiveness of your program.

And again, don’t be afraid to try new things, you’ll know quickly enough if it is or isn’t working for you.

Hire a trainer/guru

Alright, this is a thorn in some people’s side, but if you can swing it and afford it, hiring a well established trainer will do wonders for your journey.

developing the best physique possible

The top pro in our business has a trainer so why think you are above it and don’t need one. Here’s the thing about hiring someone to guide you; they are your coach. Just like every other sport which utilizes the knowledge and vision of a coach, so to can bodybuilders and everyone else in the physique world. Sometimes another set of eyes will see something you don’t; sometimes another set of ears to bounce your ideas or concerns off will shed light on a problem you are having and a lot of people like the fact that it alleviates the stress of trying to figure everything out for yourself. With a coach, all you have to do is listen, put the plan in motion then provide feedback so that adjustments can be made if need be.

You are never going to build the physique of your dreams overnight but you can certainly put together different strategies to help move your efforts along more efficiently and avoid spinning your wheels. Your greatest success will only be seen after years of dedication but you can certainly jump start your efforts by following some or all of the suggestions mentioned above. Remember, those who go for it will get it so make that your mantra and go get that physique you have always wanted.

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