100% Natural Bodybuilders Dana Lynn Bailey and Kristen Nun Back Workout For Size

100% Natural Bodybuilders Dana Lynn Bailey and Kristen Nun Back Workout For Size

Dana Lynn Bailey and Kristen Nun are two amazing female bodybuilders who have built impressive physiques naturally through hard work and dedication.

In a recent video, they demonstrated their intense back workout for size which is sure to challenge even the most experienced gym-goer.

It’s important to note that Dana Lynn Bailey and Kristen Nun have achieved their impressive physiques naturally, without the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

This is especially impressive considering that women typically have lower levels of testosterone, which makes it harder for them to build muscle mass compared to men.

Despite these challenges, these two women have built incredibly strong and defined physiques, which is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

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Their focus on building a balanced and functional physique is also worth noting, as they prioritize strength and performance as much as aesthetics.

Their natural approach to bodybuilding also sets a great example for other women who are interested in this sport.

It shows that it’s possible to achieve a strong and muscular physique without resorting to drugs, and that the hard work and dedication can pay off in the end.

Overall, Dana Lynn Bailey and Kristen Nun are both impressive examples of what can be achieved with natural bodybuilding as females, and their dedication to their sport and their bodies is inspiring to many.

The first exercise they performed was seated rows with both overhand and underhand grips.

They did 4 sets of 8-12 reps for each grip, supersetting between them. Seated rows are an excellent exercise for building thickness in the mid-back muscles, and using different grips targets different areas of the back.

The next exercise was 4 supersets of single-arm pulldowns and close-grip pulldowns.

Single-arm pulldowns are great for isolating one side of the back at a time, while close-grip pulldowns emphasize the lower lats.

Supersetting these two exercises provides an excellent pump and burn in the back muscles.

The third exercise was straight-arm pullovers and incline pulldowns, which they performed for 4 sets supersetted.

Straight-arm pullovers are a classic bodybuilding exercise that works the upper lats and serratus muscles.

Incline pulldowns focus on the upper back muscles, including the traps and rhomboid.

Finally, they finished off their workout with a challenging tri-set of static arm rows, double-arm rows, and bent-over rows.

They performed four sets of this tri-set, which targets the entire back from different angles.

Overall, this back workout for size is intense and challenging, but if done consistently, it can help build a strong and defined back.

It’s impressive to see the strength and dedication of these two natural female bodybuilders and their ability to achieve such an incredible physique.

It’s a great example for any woman who wants to get into bodybuilding or just wants to build a stronger back.

100% Natural Bodybuilders Dana Lynn Bailey and Kristen Nun Back Workout For Size (video)

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