Dana Linn Bailey Tell Us Why She Does Not Use Roids

Dana Linn Bailey Tell Us Why She Does Not Use Roids

Jason Blaha from JuggernautFitness a bodybuilding expert talks about Dana Linn Bauley’s response to a fan claiming to be natural. Jason explains why that might not be true but he can absolutely not prove that she is an enhanced athlete. But we all got to admit that Dana got an awesome physique that she worked really hard for regardless if she is natural or not.dana linn bailey woman bodybuilder

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3 thoughts on “Dana Linn Bailey Tell Us Why She Does Not Use Roids”

  1. Avatar

    Natty or not I hope she never gets on growth. She is too dry to be natty imo, performance enhancers perhaps. Idk fuck it, I support roids, if someone chooses to be better and bigger and enjoy more out of life than all you haters than so be it. I’m just too much of a pussy to ever stick needles in my ass.

  2. Avatar

    I wouldn’t say normal women are scared to lift weights. It is uneducated women who listen to other uneducated individuals. If they wanted to know the truth they would do thier research. You don’t take other people’s words as facts. DLB is beautiful and us so called normal girls could only wish to look as good as her. That’s called a work ethic that not a lot of women can achieve.

  3. Avatar
    Julie Gianferrara

    I admire DLB physical appearance and yes, she did/ does work hard. I don’t support using steroids because I think they are unhealthy, just like I frown on other unhealthy lifestyle choices. I personally don’t find women who become so manly looking as visually appealing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. I hold the organizations responsible for allowing steroid use to become so widely used. We all know that it’s basically next to impossible for a woman to obtain such a low body fat percentage and the mass that many exhibit. Some supplements are one thing ..they supplement. I can’t speak for DLB but at least she doesn’t look like a man with a woman’s head stuck on it. Have you seen what it does long term to women who use them regularly. Bodybuilders, females particularly, have a high percentage of body image and eating disorders..it’s the opposite of the anorexic that sees herself as fat. I think the organizations perpetuate unrealistic goals that feed that. Anyway, I wouldn’t say I want to be beautiful like DLB..I’m happy with beauty like me and I lift, I enjoy feeling good and being fit..which means I also pay To balancing caring for my body and abuse my body. There is truth too much of a good thing. Best regards to all in their pursuits, be it what it may, maybe one day bodybuilders will unite and over throw the currently accepted standards.

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