Dad Bod vs Fit Body: What do girls ACTUALLY prefer?

Dad Bod Vs Fit Bod What do girls want?

For those of you who love the funny side of things, this might be the right news for you.

Women mostly dig men that make them laugh!

Forget about a fit body and a fat paycheck, because what women really want is to just be happy and entertained.

Or at least, most women share that a good sense of humor is the most appreciated quality in a man.

Second to the sense of humor is the financial stability and on the third spot, we have the intelligence of the individual.

The thing here is that men also appreciate funny women but in the case of males, a good-looking woman is pretty much mandatory.

Why a fit bod?

dad bod vs fit bod

For most people, it seems that people who like fit bodies are very superficial about the whole idea of a relationship.

Supposedly, those people just don’t really “look deep into the person, beyond their flesh”.

And while that may be true from a certain point of view, in my personal experience the rabbit hole goes deeper (pun intended).

That is simply because a good body shows a lot about the personality.

Having a good body requires developing certain psychological qualities.

Those are namely consistency, determination and will power.

And on the flipside, we have the dad bod, which is an expression of the lifestyle the person has.

Being lazy and coming up with excuses as to why you can’t train, will ultimately lead to a negative impact on your body composition and health.

I’d like to mention here that with the modern-day, sedentary lifestyle and the abundance of s*#t foods the market offers, taking care of your health and body is a higher form of self respect.

Anyways, here is a video of Connor Murphy and his friend, who ask women IN PERSON for their opinion on the matter of Fit bod vs. Dad bod.

Check out the video below!


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