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A Crossfitter Ruins Commercial Gym

Here is a funny video from the comedy series “Exercises in futility” made by InfiniteElgintensity he provides voice-over commentary on fitness and nutrition videos.

 If I did MMA in a ballet class I’m sure people would stare at me to

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13 thoughts on “A Crossfitter Ruins Commercial Gym”

  1. Avatar

    Dude looks like your average beer drinking frat boy on any college campus??? No definition is his muscle- and I am with ya on the 560lb deadlift, my ass, I stupidly 1RM 505lb and it was HORRIBLE form haha and I look to be in way better shape than this idiot.

  2. Avatar

    The guy did say some stupid ass shit but whatever let him do whatever the fuck he wants. And crossfit is not something to be frowned upon everyone has their prefrences. I personally like bodybuilding but I dont frown upon crossfit.

  3. Avatar
    Trevor Jacobson

    wow, just a hater all around – nice homophobic slurs to strengthen your case. You sound like just as big of a douche bag

  4. Avatar

    I prefer bodybuilding and I don’t hate crossfit also, and can attest for its merit. But this is not a playground park!!!!!!! Its a nice gym where your want to lift, walk around doing your shit without some asshole running past you!

  5. Avatar

    This video sucked ass and the bro narrator lost all credibility when the camera panned the gym and he said he didn’t see anything “douchebaggy” or whatever, while focused on two tools in their cutoff t-shirts with their nipples showing out of the sides. Yeah, perfectly cool. Go back to Jersey meathead! 😛

  6. Avatar

    Clicked on the link at the top to see more of InfiniteElgintensity on youtube, but got this: “YouTube account InfiniteElgintensity has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:


    Why am I not surprised CrossFitHQ was included? ;-P

  7. Avatar
    Derek Bertman

    I’m not a fan of crossfit but this guy narrating is a douche himself. He sounds like Kiefer Sutherland and it makes me hate his voice.

  8. Avatar

    8:10, look at that form… sorry buddy, thats not gaining anything “health wise”.. thats pulling deadlifts with your back.

    9:32.. throws the bar on the floor from chest height to be a douche.

    Continuously struggles to do dips..

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