Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Chestbrah - Who Do Girls Think Is Hotter?

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Chestbrah – Who Do Girls Think Is Hotter?

So this guy decided to hit the streets and ask a bunch of young women if they preferred Cristiano Ronaldo the football player that plays for Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team or Chestbrah brother of Zyzz and a bodybuilder. The answers are really interesting, some women prefer more “average looking” guys like Ronaldo while others seem to like that extra muscle Chestbrah has.

Watch the video below:



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1 thought on “Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Chestbrah – Who Do Girls Think Is Hotter?”

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    all i heard was the douchebag holding the camera saying “damn motorcycle fucker”. He obviously doesn’t know right from wrong. So he dosen’t know who to ask either.

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