Common Symptoms Of High Testosterone Levels In Men

Common Symptoms Of High Testosterone Levels In Men

There are tons of articles out there relating to the symptoms and physical signs of someone with low testosterone – moodiness, lack of energy, high body fat – and for good reason. Having low testosterone levels really does impact your life negatively. What we don’t see a lot of is articles talking about the common symptoms of HIGH testosterone levels in men and women.

It’s not surprising given that a lot of these symptoms are positive and generally people don’t go online for searching for reasons why their shoulder are broad or why their voices are deep – they are just glad to have these traditionally masculine features.

Generally speaking, all physical and emotional traits become more masculine which makes sense given that testosterone is the main male hormone.

We understand many of you are looking for symptoms – both positive and negative – of people with high testosterone, so we’ve put together a list for you guys below.

Top Most Common Symptoms Of High Testosterone Levels In Men

We spent time looking for the most common physical signs and we talked to alpha males to understand better how their body functions differently.

So without further ado – here they are:

Beard Grows Faster

symptoms of high testosterone

Ever wonder why men grow beards and women don’t? The answer is simply testosterone. To be more specific, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a converted form of testosterone. Levels of DHT generally correlate with testosterone levels, which is why people with high t-levels tend to grow more body and facial hair.

Having said that, there are also many men out there with high t-levels who don’t grow much facial hair simply because their testosterone does not convert well into DHT.

Defined Aesthetic Jawline

Testosterone and its derivative DHT have been linked to increased bone density in the body. The area where this is the easiest to notice is in the jawline where the increased DHT levels widens the jawbone creating those sharp, defined lines.

If you look at pro athletes from all the major US leagues – NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. you will see that over the course of their college careers all the way up to their pro careers are lot of them saw their jawlines grow by several inches. Unfortunately in many cases this is caused by the use of synthetic testosterone or “performance enhancing drugs” as they are so affectionately referred to by those in the business.

Not to encourage you to use these drugs but only to make the point that testosterone – whether produced naturally or obtained synthetically does have an impact on bone density.

Deep Alpha-Male Voice

If a boy has high testosterone levels during puberty, the larynx, cartilage and Adam’s apple grow a lot both in size and strength. These are all muscles used to produce sound or your voice. As a result, one of the most obvious signs of high testosterone is having a deep voice or a protruding Adam’s apple.

Ever wonder why women don’t have an Adam’s apple? well it’s because they don’t have sufficient testosterone levels during puberty to produce one.

Additionally, bodybuilders who take synthetic steroids or increase their testosterone naturally often report an increase in the size of their Adam’s apple. Also, women who undergo testosterone therapy in order to change genders will grow Adam’s apples and their voices will deepen – even if past puberty.

Wide and More Muscular Shoulders

common physical signs of high t levels
Wide Shoulders = Dominant Posture

As we mentioned earlier, testosterone impact the growth of bones including the shoulder bones – making them wider. Shoulder bones are extremely dense in androgen receptors therefore if you have high t-levels you have more available to attach to those receptors.

Once that happens protein synthesis gets triggered in the muscle making them wider and more dense.

Length of the Ring Finger

A lot of people are skeptical on this one however there are a number of studies that show a strong correlation between the length of the ring finger and testosterone levels. If you look at the ratio between the index finger and the ring finger you can get an idea how much testosterone was received while in the utero.

If the ring finger is longer then the man was exposed to higher levels of testosterone. While you can’t tell a person’s exact levels based on the length of the finger, at least it can give you a rough idea.

Builds Muscle Faster

common symptoms of high testosterone
Lazar has it all, alpha beard, deep voice, wide shoulders and muscular

We’ve actually covered this in our ultimate guide to build muscle faster. You can read that here.

If you’ve noticed that you are building more muscle than your gym buddy then you might be experiencing one of the more common symptoms of high testosterone levels. Testosterone is the building blocks for your muscles. They help your body absorb more of the protein that you give it, resulting in faster muscle growth.

Taking dangerous steroids is one way to increase your testosterone levels.

But many guys are waking up nowadays, realising how bad steroids actually are for your overall health. Not to mention it actually f*cks up your natural testosterone production.

Besides and luckily we live in days that the supplement industry actually has now developed safe and natural testosterone boosters that increase your t-levels naturally, thus helping you build muscle faster.

But beware of companies that use ineffective fillers in their supplements. We’ve spent days researching the best ingredients, you can see our report here.


Hopefully that gives you an idea of some of the more common symptoms of high testosterone levels. Some of them are good and some downright odd (ring finger length).

Keep in mind that none of this is a substitute for actually having your t-levels measured. If you really want to know what your t-levels are like just book a blood test and you will find out right away.

You can safely and naturally increase your test levels with supplements to experience the best of these common symptoms of high testosterone. But make sure you do the research first. Here’s our guide.

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