Avoid Getting "Man Boobs" - Get A Hard & Big Chest By Training It The Right Way

Avoid Getting “Man Boobs” – 7 Easy and Fast Steps To Destroy Your Gyno

Let’s be real here guys, when you first started working out you didn’t picture yourself with an impressive set of calves or rhomboids.

The image you had was one with a huge chest! Every guy out there wants to build himself a great chest but only a small percentage succeed.


Aside from the aesthetic benefits of having a huge chest there are also a number of health benefits.

Diabetes, heart conditions and some cancers are far less likely to impact someone with great pecs.

Here’s the deal

So let’s say you want to build a great chest (or improve what you’ve already started) but you aren’t quite sure what to do.

You’re in luck – this article is dedicated to your favorite day of the week – chest day!

We will also tell you how to get rid of man boobs completely while building a hard chiseled chest !

Avoid Getting "Man Boobs" - Get A Hard & Big Chest By Training It The Right Way

Start Out Slowly

Way too many guys show up at the gym and seem to make it their goal to add 25 pounds to their bench every week.

Two things end up happening – their spotter ends up doing all the work for them and they make no gains.

Keep this in mind:

Remember that building ANY muscle group takes time so when you start out make sure you put the right foundation down.

Work the upper, lower and inner chest with exercises that specifically target those areas.

Additionally, use proper form and increase the weight slowly and sustainably.

If form starts to break down to continue to increase the weight or you will just be setting yourself up for an injury down the road.

Get Completely Rid Of Man Boobs With The Help Of A Supplement


Unfortunately many guys have what we call gyno or b*tch tits.

The reason for that could be that your body simply stores most of your fat into your breasts.

Getting rid of this chest fat can be extremely difficult and leaves guys sometimes with no other option than go into surgery to get their gyno removed.

The best part?

In recent years there have been identified a few substances that naturally target that kind of fat cells that around the chest area.

Which means you could supplement with these substances and get rid of of your man boobs faster.

Here’s the deal:

The best supplement to get rid of man boobs is Gynectrol by CrazyBulk, this supplement contains all the best ingredients to destroy fat cells that lay around your chest area.

Gynectrol is a very powerful supplement that has helped thousands of guys to reduce the size of their man boobs and completely get rid of them.

This supplement won’t work unless you keep a healthy diet, because if you eat more calories than you burn you simply won’t reduce body fat anywhere!

A success story they featured on their official website. A user who had nasty man boobs got completely rid of them.

You can get more info on their success stories on Gynectrol official website.

Gynectrol Pros:

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Gynectrol Cons:

  • Premium priced product
  • Takes 30 days to start see results
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Most guys need a 2 month supply of Gynectrol to completely get rid of their man boobs.

If you want to be completely safe you can get their buy 2 get 1 for free deal.

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Choose the Right Weight

Your first few weeks should be dedicated to learning the proper form.

While it might seem embarrassing to just be bench pressing the bar when other guys are throwing on multiple plates it will ultimately lead to better results.

Make sure you work out with a spotter and train with both barbells and dumbbells.

Do exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and of course if something doesn’t feel right stop the set and examine what the issue might be.

This is where an experienced spotter can help you – they can identify what you are doing wrong before you can.

As you gain more experience you will be able to increase the weight and before long you will be one of the strongest guys in the gym.

Which Exercises to Perform

When it comes to chest the bench press is definitely the go-to exercise.

There are a number of variations – incline, decline, barbell, etc.

Ultimately you will need to experiment with each one and see what works best for you.

Some guys swear by dumbbells while other guys prefer barbell training.

Dips are a great option for targeting the lower pecs not to mention they help build up all the muscles of the upper body – even the abs!

Feel free to throw in some accessory exercises like pec dec or dumbbell flys but these should always come after the heavy stuff (bench press, dips).

Performing flys before benching will reduce your bench strength and stall your gains.

Training Without a Gym Membership

The great thing about chest is that you don’t even need a gym membership to build an impressive set of pecs.

Just go on youtube and search for calisthenic videos – these guys all have impressive physiques yet do all their training at public playgrounds.

These guys rely on bodyweight training with push-up and dip variations to get their muscles growing.

If joining a gym isn’t possible for you right now this is definitely something to consider.

Train for proportions

A mistake a lot of guys when training chest is neglecting the upper chest.

This will result in a chest that might look like “bitch tits” because the upper chest is lacking in size.

Bench press is a great exercise, but if you only do bench press you will not get that upper chest that completes the chest development.

Include exercises like Incline bench press with dumbbells, cable crossover variations that target the upper pecs.

By training this way you will make sure that your chest is developed all around.

Consistency is Key

You can go to the gym and have an amazing chest workout but if you don’t follow it up with regular training sessions and a solid diet you won’t build anything.

Bodybuilding is all about consistency so if you want to progress be prepared to put in the work.

Sometimes that means getting on a program that is sustainable.

Way too many guys who are new to bodybuilding get on these 6 day splits – it’s no surprise that after a month they are burned out from the gym and have no desire to go.

The 6 day split turns into a 4 day split, then a 2 day split, then 0.

If on the other hand they had started with a 3 day split that is something they could have maintained a lot more easily and possibly even increased over time.


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