Check out how these West African men got shredded without any weights or protein shakes

Check out how these West African men got shredded without any weights or protein shakes

When it comes to fitness, like anything in life, it is a good idea to try and think outside the box.

It is not always good to be sticking to the same reps and sets as you always do.

Just have a look at the physiques of Alseny and Sekou to see how they sculpted their bodies using only their body weight.

Growing up in Guinea, they had no access to a gym, weights or any supplements but they are still in great shape.

There basic approach to their training and diet can be a lesson to us all. You don’t always have to have highly technical workout programs and diet plans.

When asked if they lift weights, they said ‘No we don’t, just push ups and pull ups,” they say. “We do our strength work from the circus, so we do a lot of stuff like bboy (breakdancing) to get natural muscle.

“But for weights, we use people and lift each other for our job.”


They use a combination of gymnastics, calisthenics, old time strength exercises and tumbling.

They train each and every day and work hard between 7am, and 3pm. They give themselves a short break before getting another workout in between 5pm and 8pm.

Their diet is basic, having a lot of bread and rice for their carb sources with mainly chicken and fish being their protein sources. There is not a McDonald’s to be seen.

“Some people take protein power, but we never take that,” they say. “Just fish and chicken. Natural foods only.”

Check out the amazing video that was shot when they were in California.

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