Check out how quickly bodybuilders lost substantial muscle after being injured

Check out how quickly bodybuilders lost substantial muscle after being injured

When it comes to fitness, everyone will be familiar with amazing transformations that people have completed. You see skinny twigs turning into hulking monsters, but you rarely see the process in reverse.

This is what people call de-transformations. Despite putting in all the hard work to build up your gains, these gains are not permanent and they will be lost if you do not take proper precautions. There may be different reasons for why these de-transformations are taking place. The athlete could be injured or simply sick and tired of the sport. Here are a few cases in point.

Flex Wheeler

Flex has been through many ups and downs. He was an absolute beast before an injury prevented him from being able to lift He then managed to recover and get back into great shape.


He was only 37 years old when he had to have a kidney transplant and also had a number of surgeries.


He managed to gain a lot of muscle back, but recently he has been poorly and spent time in the hospital.


Victor Martinez

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It wasn’t injury that took its toll and Victor; it was being stuck in jail.


Many guys come out of prison jacked, as they have nothing else to be doing while inside. This was not the case with Martinez, as he had no access to weights or proper meals.

He was released and managed to get them back thankfully.


Mustafa Mohammad


For years he was a competitor of the likes of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler.


He had a great physique that perhaps didn’t get much credit as there were some all-time legends around at the same time.


Unfortunately he had a number of health issues that forced him to end his career and also led to him losing all of these gains.


Big ups to Mustafa for the amazing physique that he had in his prime.

Tom Prince


Prince was always an absolute beats in the good old days. He took his body to the limit and came back to earth when he was finished.


Unlike professional athletes from well-known sports, it can be hard for a bodybuilder to return to normal life as they may have some health problems and will not be as financially well off.

Paul Dillet


Dillet was a Canadian pro that was always astoundingly massive in his good days. When it comes to genetic monsters, Dillet is up there with the best of them.


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