Check out how “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones transformed from a skinny teen to Thor!

Check out how “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones transformed from a skinny teen to Thor!

“The Mountain” from Game of Thrones wasn’t always that big. Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson started out as a skinny teen and managed to transform himself into the hulking mass the he is today.

Check out how he managed to get to this point.

Glorious Genetics

Some people are just born with unbelievable genetics that allow them to achieve amazing things. Björnsson is one of those people, having been 6 foot 9 inches tall when he was playing basketball as a teenager.





It was when Björnsson was moving into adulthood that the massive growth in mass began to accelerate. He already overshadowed his friends and soon he would become far larger than them also.


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Going on a Bulk

In order to keep up the crazy size, he pretty much had to double everything he was eating and put an end to cardio exercise. This sounds like heaven for a bodybuilder – no cardio!


Always Growing

As he is currently 396 lbs, Björnsson needs to eat proper meals every two hours or so in order to maintain his muscle mass and the schedule of bulking.


Huge Gains

With all of the time, energy, money and discipline he put into crafting his body, it is all paying off thanks to his role son television and his success in weight lifting.


Road to Fame

Due to his massive size, he was a natural fit for many producers and directors. This is what led him to being on the cast of Game of Thrones. He would regularly have to take a break from filming in order to have a meal to keep up his mass.


Always disciplined

You would not be able to get a body of both his size and definition without being seriously disciplined when it comes to training and eating. For many years, his diet has been mainly made up of chicken, fish, potatoes and similar high protein foods.


The Winner of the Strongest Man 2014/2015

He is not just a television star, Björnsson won the Europe’s Strongest Man competition for two years in a row.






Arnold paved the way for mass monsters to get work in other industries, something which Björnsson is doing right now. All of the hard work and dedication is finally paying off.

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