Check out the latest steroids being used by Bostin Loyd and how he goes travelling with them

Check out the latest steroids being used by Bostin Loyd and how he goes travelling with them

Bostin Loyd is one of the leaders out there when it comes to men taking a lot of steroids and not being afraid to let people know about it.


In his most recent video, he goes to his local post office in order to collect a package. You gotta enjoy this kid of honesty. Most people in the industry pile in on the gear, but deny it to your face when asked if they take it.


If you pretend that you are natural, this is an insult to everyone out there, as it gives young men false ideas as to what they can achieve naturally. The same even goes for women.

“We’re heading to the post office to pick up my steroids. The safest way to travel is to mail yourself your gear.” – Bostin Loyd

This guy doesn’t care about letting people know how he gets his steroids.

Guys like Bostin are willing to give up everything just so they can achieve the physique of their dreams. They dedicate their entire lives to it, with their activities, rest, nutrition and workouts revolving around looking well in the mirror. Everyone is entitled to do what they want, as long as they are not hurting anyone.

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