Celebrity Trainer Completely Transforms a regular guy in 30 days

Celebrity Trainer Completely Transforms a regular guy in 30 days

We all know that it takes time to achieve a good-looking, balanced physique.

There are no shortcuts to fitness, with the exception of… Newbie gains.

If you are really skinny, you can gain a whole lot in as little as just a couple of months.

That is mainly due to the strong, immediate adaptations that take place, when you first introduce your body to resistance training.

Michael b jordan transformation

Michael B. Jordan, who’s an American actor, is a good example of such newbie gains.

He completely changed his body for the movies “Creed” and “The black panther”.

Now you may be thinking “Steroids”, but truth is that even a regular guy with a 9 to 5 job, can achieve good results in no time.

That however, requires a good personal trainer.

Corey Calliet is Michael’s coach, who helped him achieve his insane results.

For today’s article, we’ll see how Corey took Chris under his wing and completely transformed him in just a month.

“I’m the guy you go to when you want to get yourself in shape really fast.”

-Corey Calliet

The workouts

As you will see in the video in the bottom of this article, Corey relies on a very diverse approach to training.

Right on day one, Corey threw into the mix a variety of exercises, including, but not limited to:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Dips
  • Aerobic work
  • Dumbbell bench presses
  • Shoulder presses

Chris isn’t afraid to admit that even though the workouts are killer, staying consistent with the meal prep is the hardest part.

“I think that as a person with a 9 to 5 job, who’s not like an actor with a chef and you’re not being paid to dedicate your life to this, it’s certainly more challenging.”


Here is Corey’s take on the matter of nutrition:


“You can be a boxer, you can be anything you want. But people don’t understand that to get the look, you need a proper diet.”

-Corey Calliet

As a knowledgable personal trainer, Corey knows that diversity is needed. The body adapts, and so, the stimulus need to be changed.

At about 10 days in, these are the changes he introduces to Chris’s regimen:

corey calliet trainer

This is smart! Knowing that you can’t really build muscle while getting shredded, Corey takes chris on the midline of his maximum strength capabilities, training at around 60-70% intensity.

This allows for more volume (Sets and reps) for less time, accounting for a higher density of the workload.

Density is essentially the volume, referred to the time needed for its completion, including rest times.

A bigger density of the workload means more blood being pumped into the muscle and hence, better muscle retention while shredding down.

More density can be expressed with a variety of training methods, such as super sets, tri sets and simply, decreasing rest time between sets and exercises.

Needless to say, Chris’s effort, combined with Corey’s professional knowledge made up for an amazing 30 day transformation, which pretty much shows how quickly you can progress naturally.

Check out the video below to hear more from Corey himself and look at the 30-day results they got!


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