10 Cardio Tips for Bodybuilders Cutting For Summer

10 Cardio Tips for Bodybuilders Cutting For Summer

Most guys don’t like doing cardio, so they tend to do a lot of mistakes when trying to cut down for the summer. Which is why we put together this short list of cardio tips, so that you can do a successful summer cut.

1 – Don’t Overdo the Cardio

Doing 40 minutes of steady state cardio or 25 minutes of high intensity interval training is great. However, 2+ hours of cardio is actually going to make you look worse and set you up for a possible injury.

Marathon cardio sessions will cause your body to start breaking down muscle tissue instead of fat so you are really doing all that extra work for nothing.

If you insist on performing a ton of cardio every day at least split it up into separate sessions at different times of the day.

2 – Do Something you Enjoy

If you dread doing cardio every day then there is a good chance you just won’t do it or you won’t put your full effort into it. Therefore make sure you are doing a type of cardio you enjoy.

Whether that’s running, biking, swimming, hiking or rowing. Just make sure you are bringing the right intensity to it and any type of cardio will be effective.

3 – Plan your Sessions

You should be planning out which days of the week are for resistance training and which are for cardio.

Additionally when you do your cardio you should know what type you will be doing, for how long and for what level of intensity. If you don’t have a plan you probably won’t have a very successful cut.

4 – Have a Meal Plan

Just because you are doing cardio doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. Make sure you are following a good macro split and getting the right amount of calories depending on your activity level and metabolism.

We won’t get into the specifics here but there are plenty of good articles on this site to help you with your diet.

5 – Do HIIT Cardio

cardio tips

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the most effective way to burn calories. It involves doing short intense sprints followed by low-intensity recovery periods.

It keeps your body off-balance and forces you to burn more calories to compensate.

This type of training also has the added benefit of taking very little time – 20 minutes is all you need for an effective HIIT session.

Read more about HIIT in our guide here.

6 – Change up the Cardio

Sticking to the same cardio every time will make it less effective over time. Your body figures out how to perform the movements more efficiently and as a result you don’t get the same fat-loss effect as you once did.

Fortunately there’s no shortage of cardio options out there to keep us interested.

7 – Start Slow

A lot of guys start out their cuts with several extremely intense cardio sessions per week. It catches their bodies totally off-guard and as a result they end up burning up muscle tissue just to keep up.

This is something you want to avoid – instead make sure you make any changes to your program gradually so that you don’t lose that muscle mass.

8 – Drink Plenty of Water

Not drinking enough water will lead to poor cardio performance and potentially even injury. It’s also essential for cleaning out our system and replenishing all the fluids we lose while exercising.

9 – Pick the Right Time for You

A lot of people like to do cardio first thing in the morning when they wake up on an empty stomach. While this might work well for some people for others it leads to poor performance.

Take some time to experiment and do what works best for you. If doing your cardio in the evening is giving you the best results then stick to that!

10 – Get a Fat Burner That Works

Everybody hates doing cardio, right? That’s where fat burners can step in and help you.

If you are taking in a fat burning supplement you probably won‘t have to do as much cardio as these products are designed to help you burn off fat.

Just make sure it contains the right ingredients before supplementing with a product like that. Because some companies put ineffective fillers in their supplement just to make more money of the consumer.

We spent over two months on research to find out which ingredients actually work, which don’t and which are downright dangerous. You can read our free report here: Read our report on fat burners and the ingredients that work.

But some big companies have asked us to take our report down because they think we’re exposing the industry. So if you’re interested in checking out, you better do it now.

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