Cardarine Review: CRAZY Results but Shocking Side Effects Exposed

Cardarine Review: CRAZY Results but Shocking Side Effects Exposed

The word is, Cardarine can massively elevate sporting performance while cutting fat—but is it all good news?

Even though we’re all dedicated to working ourselves to the limit—we always want more. Often we hear about so-called “wonder drugs” that can give us almost supernatural abilities—yet we ask ourselves, is it all hype?

I’m right, yeah?

Well, guys using Cardarine have witnessed improvements to their training performance and fat loss that are simply off the scale. Yet, this can come at a serious cost.

This article exposes the whole uncensored truth behind Cardarine—explaining its functions, benefits, and how it can screw with your health.

Are you ready for the most alarming article of the year?

What Is Cardarine (GW-501516)?


Let me kick off this Cardarine review with a brief overview.

Cardarine is often considered to be a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). This group of drugs is designed to directly target particular receptors responsible for anabolism—while providing (hopefully) few side effects.1

That is, both workout gains and performance enhancement without the issues induced by the scattergun strategy of steroids.

Technically, however, Cardarine isn’t a SARM. It’s a PPARδ receptor agonist. However, as its acting mechanism is similar in its targeted approach to that of most SARMs—for the purpose of this article, I’ll include it in this group.

Cardarine (sometimes known as Endurobol or GW501516) was developed back in the 1990s by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline. Its primary use was intended for treating metabolic syndrome problems and alleviating cardiovascular disease.2

However, during the course of this research, scientists stumbled on a surprising discovery. The mice upon which they were experimenting developed improved endurance and began to drop weight fast.

This is what attracted the attention of both the bodybuilding and athletic community alike.

Yes—but only if you’re a research scientist.

It’s legal to sell Cardarine (and in fact most SARMs) for the purposes of scientific study.

As most SARMs are still in the early stages of development—they require intensive testing before becoming an approved drug. Hence, Cardarine can be obtained solely for this purpose.

However, Cardarine isn’t permitted for use in competitive sport—being banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Their concerns about this drug were so serious that they warned prospective “cheaters” that it could seriously damage their health.3

Furthermore, the FDA doesn’t allow it to be marketed as a dietary supplement or aid. Currently, there’s a bill going through Congress to class all SARMs as controlled substances (like cocaine and methamphetamine).4 5

“How Does Cardarine Work In the Body?”


The Cardarine SARM functions in two main ways that make it particularly attractive to the bodybuilder and performance athlete.

Firstly, Cardarine binds to the PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated r-δ) receptor. This has the effect of “reprogramming” the muscles and fibers—enabling them to function way past their normal limits.6

Secondly, Cardarine GW-501516 addresses the way in which energy is sourced within the body. Instead of using the usual carbohydrate stores, this SARM encourages the body to use inherent fatty acids instead.7

Cardarine Benefits

cardarine benefits


The Cardarine benefits are nothing short of astounding. Let me take you through the key positives for the dedicated bodybuilder.

Increases Physical Endurance

It’s been given the alternative name of Endurobol for a reason—Cardarine can vastly improve sporting stamina.

By activating the PPARδ receptors—muscle fibers are allowed to work past their normal levels of endurance. Incredibly, studies on mice illustrated that Cardarine was able to increase their running time and distance by 67 percent and 92 percent respectively.8

For endurance athletes, in particular, Cardarine has, therefore, become a popular drug. Although, it has meant sportspeople being caught “cheating” in such events as cycling, boxing, and running.9 10

Elevates Fat Loss

As endurance increases your workload extends. This means you use more energy. Any increased use in calories can result in fat loss.

However, it’s Cardarine’s ability to promote fatty acids as a source of fuel as opposed to carbs that make it a powerful fat burning tool.

This drug promotes metabolic activity, increases fat oxidation, and elevates glucose uptake.11

A 2011 study investigated the effects of Cardarine on 13 obese men. With a dose of just 2.5 mg per day—after two weeks these guys exhibited lowered levels of bodily fatty acids and also blood fat content (dyslipidemia).12

Promotes a Healthy Heart

The heart can take some severe punishment during resistance training. Constantly asking this vital organ to provide the muscles with oxygen-rich blood and nutrients can put it under immense pressure.

Studies have indicated that Cardarine may improve heart and vascular health.

Research conducted in 2012 illustrated Cardarine increases the bioavailability of nitric oxide. This gas works as a vasodilator—opening up the blood vessels to improve blood supply to the muscles and heart.13

Not only can this promote strength and endurance gains, but it can also create awesome selfie-worthy pumps.

Reduces Recovery Time

After a tough workout session, we demand fast recovery times. This enables muscles to grow rapidly and allows us to hit the gym again as soon as possible.

Scientists have discovered that Cardarine can reduce levels of both inflammation and tissue damage (in mice)—two of the main issues that can elongate recovery.14

May Prevent Liver Damage

If you’re heavy on the supplement use or are a serious juicer, you’re placing your liver under severe stress. Some studies have indicated that Cardarine can have a protective effect on the liver.15

That being said, other research, as you will soon discover, has shown it could also have the opposite effect.


Cardarine Results: Before and After GW-501516 Cycle

I’m often asked—what are the realistic Cardarine results bodybuilders experience?

This drug can be utilized for both mass-building and cutting. Let me take you through both.

For Mass Building

cardarine For Cutting

Let’s assume you’ve been working hard at the gym to pile on the pounds. Definition has improved over the past weeks and you’ve definitely gained mass. But, it’s not enough.

Cardarine can speed-up muscle gains, but it cannot do it alone. This isn’t an immense mass building drug such as the SARMs Testolone and Ligandrol. But, if used in combination with these SARMs or alongside steroids—it can provide incredible returns.

One of the major issues when trying to build hulk-like size is that our muscles experience fatigue before our determination wanes. We want to push harder and longer, but the body says—no!

Cardarine can take performance and stamina off the scale. Enabling you to push yourself past your normal limits. Knocking out those extra reps is the only way to really build mass.

However, if used on its own, your definition will increase but fat will be lost—leading to a shredded physique—but without real bulk.

Hence, ensuring that other mass builders combined with a hefty caloric surplus are used alongside Cardarine will provide serious size.

Within 7-10 days most guys begin to see real muscle gains, not simply water retention. Many guys report that the arms, shoulders, and chest are the fastest responders—providing both width and beast-like size.

However, it’s the remaining weeks of the Cardarine cycle (usually eight in total) that your mind is blown. Continued over-working of the muscles can lead to a massive physique that could never be achieved through just diet and training.

For Cutting

While Cardarine GW-501516 works phenomenally well as muscle builder (when stacked)—it’s the attraction for cutting and weight loss cycles that make it most popular with bodybuilders.

By taking endurance to unprecedented levels, not only are you assisting the muscles to grow larger and stronger, but you’re also utilizing more energy.

Naturally, when building mass you’ll require some hefty calories to balance the equation. But, when looking to cut, this increase in energy usage begins to drop the pounds.

Yet, as Cardarine promotes the use of fatty acids instead of carbs for energy—you’re not losing muscle mass—only fat.

And this is what astounds many first-time users leading them to call it “super Cardarine”.

Within the first two weeks, guys usually report that definition is visibly more apparent—even when they’re not working themselves to the absolute max. Musculature that was previously hidden becomes clear and they begin to feel more energized.

As the week’s progress, three characteristics are most often witnessed. Muscles appear tighter and harder, vascularity is dramatically enhanced, and the unwanted fat stores around the chest and belly disappear.

By the end of an eight-week Cardarine cycle—guys report that they’re left with a sharp, defined, and shredded appearance. Many testify that the results are much greater and more impressive than those achieved with steroids such as Clenbuterol.

Other Results

In addition to the above impressive returns, many guys have testified to witnessing:

  • Vastly reduced recovery times allowing them to hit the gym again sooner.
  • Elevated energy levels after just a few days of use.
  • Improved concentration and mental focus.
  • Heightened determination.
  • Shirt-busting pumps.

To summarize, Cardarine produces almost instantaneous returns. Enabling you to achieve an extreme ripped appearance or beast-like proportions (when stacked) in a space of time that would be considered unnatural.

However, before you pull out your credit card and order yourself a ton of pills—hold on, bro. There’s one main result of using Cardarine I haven’t mentioned yet.

It could really screw you up.

Cardarine Side Effects Exposed

Cardarine Side Effects Exposed

Firstly, let me put one of the main Cardarine side effects myths to bed. Despite what you may have heard, it can cause steroid-like health issues.

Often, you’ll hear guys saying that SARMs and Cardarine give you the benefits of steroids but without any downsides. That’s simply not true.

To be fair, the side effects you’d typically experience with steroid use are greatly reduced when utilizing SARMs.

As these drugs are designed to target specific receptors and have fewer androgenic effects—unwanted symptoms such as headaches, acne, and oily skin are drastically lowered.

But, that’s only half the story—Cardarine comes with its own host of side effects.

If you recall from earlier, this SARM was tested on mice to explore its heart-boosting properties. That study was brought to a premature end—as the mice developed cancer. Further research has indicated that Cardarine can promote the growth of cancerous tumors and cells in rodents.16 17 18

While this hasn’t yet been shown to be the case in humans (probably as there are so few studies)—it’s a cause for concern.

It doesn’t end there.

Further research on Cardarine has illustrated that it may:

  • Cause certain liver cells to die.19
  • Induce malformation of the fetal placenta and could impair the growth and well-being of unborn children (in women).20
  • Invoke unforeseen issues—Cardarine has been shown to affect the entire body metabolism, and as it’s so under-researched its long-term dangers are unknown.21

In short, with so few human studies, it’s difficult to gauge exactly how dangerous this drug is.

Where to Buy Cardarine for Sale

If this Cardarine Review has convinced you to try this drug, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to buy Cardarine?

As you will recall, it’s illegal to sell this product for sporting enhancement or as a dietary supplement—it can only be obtained for “research purposes”. Hence, obtaining Cardarine isn’t that easy.

The only way to find it will be to conduct an internet search for vendors. However, bear in mind that this does come with some risks, including:

  • These supplements are made for “research”—full testing of these SARMs on humans has not taken place meaning that their dangers are unknown.
  • You may purchase a product which contains toxins—as it’s unregulated.
  • Many Cardarine and SARMs supplements have shown to contain a dose lower than that stated, or in fact, none at all.22
  • Websites selling Cardarine come and go—you may offer up your credit card details but receive no product in return.

Hence, when purchasing Cardarine, try to be as vigilant as you can to protect your health and wealth. No amount of muscle gain or fat loss is worth dying for.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Cardarine Questions

“How to Take Cardarine?”

Cardarine is consumed orally. Typically, users looking for both performance enhancing and weight loss benefits will use a dose of around 20-25 mg per day (if used as a stand-alone supplement).

“How to Stack Cardarine?”

Unless going through a serious bulking cycle—Cardarine can work well as a performance enhancer alongside steroids (such as Dianabol) or other muscle-building SARMs (for example, Ligandrol).

Cardarine is most successfully stacked with Ostarine for dramatic weight loss effects. A Cardarine stack like this utilizes the Ostarine MK2866 benefits of retaining lean muscle even during a severe caloric deficit.

“What Does Cardarine Do?”

By adhering to PPARδ receptors, Cardarine elevates stamina and endurance while utilizing stored fats for energy instead of carbs.

This means Cardarine can work well as both a performance enhancer and weight loss aid.

“How Long Does Cardarine Take to Kick In?”

Guys using Cardarine for performance enhancement purposes have illustrated that they have witnessed improvements to their training within as few as 4-7 days. However, the most potent effects are noticed after around two weeks.

When using Cardarine as a cutting tool—users typically begin to see visible weight loss results within 10-14 days, with the greatest returns around weeks 4-6.

“What Is the Best Cardarine Dosage?”

When using this drug for the first time, it’s wise to begin with a low Cardarine dosage (around 10 mg per day) to ensure that your body tolerates it well.

Going forward, most guys use between 15 to 25 mg per day for both endurance and weight loss benefits.

“How Long Does Cardarine Stay in Your System?”

Cardarine has a half-life of around 12-24 hours. However, it’s not fully understood how long it will remain detectable in the body (if you’re going to be drug tested, for example).

Guys using this drug usually cease use 4-6 weeks prior to competition to ensure it has completely expelled.

“What Is the Cardarine Cycle Length?

Most guys use Cardarine for around a 6-8 week cycle—but for serious cutting, some users have extended this to ten weeks.

“What Are the Cardarine Side Effects?”

Users of Cardarine have exhibited symptoms the same as those provided with steroids—although to a lesser degree.

However, there’s some evidence that in mice Cardarine may cause cancer and damage the liver.

Summary – Cardarine Review Conclusion

I’ll give it to you straight—Cardarine is an astounding drug.

Its ability to take endurance to almost superhuman levels is unquestionable—surpassing even the awesome strength of many steroids.

What’s more, its power to shed fat, boost pumps, and reduce recovery time makes it appear to be one of the most potent products for bodybuilding currently available.

The issue is—it may wreck your body.

Research (on animals) has proven it can kill off liver cells and cause cancerous tumors. Furthermore, with so little documented human research—its full negative effects on physiology are unknown.

Finally, its sale is unregulated: you’re never going to be 100 percent certain you’re ingesting a pure drug and at the dose indicated.


The bottom line.

Cardarine is a phenomenal performance enhancer and fat burner—but it may come at a cost.

Want to learn more about SARMS? Read our article on the best sarms for bulking and cutting



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