Can Cayenne Pepper Burn Fat and Get You Shredded?

Can Cayenne Pepper Burn Fat and Get You Shredded?

Chances are you have probably had cayenne peppers at some point in your life and depending on your tolerance for spicy food you either love them or hate them. Also known as the bird pepper, the cow horn pepper and the Guinea spice, this pepper get its name from the city of Cayenne in French Guinea. It’s not just used to add some spice to your favorite foods – the pepper can also be used for medical purposes and even to burn fat (not many people know about this!) Check out the article below for some information on cayenne peppers and how they can accelerate your fat loss.

cayenne pepper burn fat and get shredded

Thermogenic Boost

Cayenne peppers have been shown to boost the natural thermogenic process in the body. This means that your body will naturally be using fat as fuel at a higher rate after consuming these peppers. One of the main ways it does this is by boosting your body’s temperature, which leads to a boost in metabolism. With all the strategizing and nutrient timing tips you see floating around out there to try and boost metabolism, it’s pretty amazing that consuming a few of these small peppers can get the process fired up even though they are so low in calories. Like other spicy foods they are also quite filling so they have the added effect of dampening your appetite since spicy foods are quite filling.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

You’ve probably read about the negative effects of high blood sugar levels and how it’s crucial to keep them down. Levels can be spiked quite easily from a meal that is heavy in sugar or simple carbohydrates. These foods can become quite addictive causing you to overeat and expedites the worsening of your overall physique. As we mentioned earlier, cayenne peppers are quite filling, so adding some of them to your higher-carb meals will help fill you up leading to less cravings and fewer blood sugar spikes.

Substitute for Fatty Ingredients

While the right fats have a lot of great health benefits, they are also very calorie dense and can easily set you over your target for the day if you aren’t careful. Fortunately cayenne peppers can be used in place of ingredients like sour cream or butter which reduces the number of calories in the meal. Additionally, since it helps keep you feeling full it will be a great addition to your meal split if you are looking to get those calories down.

Cayenne Pepper Supplements

A great way to get the benefits of Cayenne Pepper without having to make frequent trips to the grocery store is to pick up a quality fat-loss supplement like Instant Knockout. This product contains a variety of natural fat-burning ingredients like Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamins B6 and B12 that would be very difficult to get from a traditional diet. Additionally, by taking these ingredients together in one source they can work together to combine a much stronger kickstart to your body’s fat loss. See our top choice for fat burner supplement and why in our complete guide here.

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