Calum von Moger's Little Brother Is Slowly Becoming Arnold 3.0

Calum von Moger’s Little Brother Is Slowly Becoming Arnold 3.0

Ask any seasoned bodybuilder and they’ll tell you straight out that a bodybuilder needs these elements to succeed: great work ethic, dedication, a big appetite, and some damn good genetics. It’s a recipe that can create some real greatness. When you consider a bodybuilding champion like Phil Heath, you realize that he pretty much has all these elements and it has carried him from being a fledgling college basketball player to the number one bodybuilder in the IFBB.

Though a lot of merit should be given to those who use hard work and dedication to achieve their physique, without the genetics it’s unlikely that someone will end up looking like an Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when that hard work is coupled with great genetics, magic can happen. It’s what makes people believe a man like Calum von Moger is perhaps one of the best bodybuilders out there. He has proven to be able to build a more classic physique and has looked more and more impressive as the years go by.


No doubt dedication to a strict regimen is what brought him all his shredded gains, but genetics definitely had to play a role. Don’t think so? Then we’re guessing you haven’t seen Calum’s younger brother Eddie. Take a look at the pic below and see just how important having the right DNA is to becoming a superior bodybuilder.

Here he is squatting some serious weight:

Dem dere von moger gains brah

Looks like Eddie is following in his brother’s footsteps and looking to be a successor to the great Schwarzenegger as well. At only 20 years of age, Eddie has many years ahead of him to build a championship level physique and should he choose to compete, we like his chances.

Article via Generation Iron

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