Calum von Moger Teaches Jeff Seid How To Pose

Calum von Moger Teaches Jeff Seid How To Pose

Calum meets up with Jeff Seid.

Bodybuilding is at once an exact science and an endeavor about exploration. The biggest misconception is that broscience is completely incorrect and that tried and true, scientific breakdowns are the way to obtaining a great physique. That’s the wrong way of looking at things. In order to make some serious gains you have to explore what works best for your body type.

For those looking to pursue bodybuilding as a career there’s nothing better than receiving advice from those who have proven themselves at the professional level. It’s hard to discredit a person who has actually taken to the stage and won championships. More than likely it’s their advice that’s going to send you to the next level. Whether it’s an insight into specific training or a notion about mapping out your nutrition, bodybuilding pros are going to offer a perspective that no other average bodybuilding bro can provide.

In the case of Calum von Moger, most guys looking to make impressive gains are more than likely going to want to hear what he has to say. Ever since gaining popularity in bodybuilding, often times compared to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, Calum has been held in high regard in the bodybuilding community and with good reason. His methods are old school as well as his mentality in regards to training and nutrition.

Jeff Seid is no slouch when it comes to bodybuilding either and is won of the youngest athletes to compete in the IFBB in the Men’s Physique Category. But if this training video confirms anything – it’s that even pros need help perfecting their craft if they hope to take themselves to the next level. Take a look at Jeff Seid training and taking some advice from Calum von Moger.

We let the video start at 13:58 where the posing starts. This is a video from Freezma’s channel. Check out more of his videos if you’re interested

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