Calum Von Moger Jumps Out of 2nd Story Window now in ICU

Calum Von Moger Jumps Out of 2nd Story Window now in ICU

Bodybuilder Calum Von Moger became famous a few years back after the short film Mad Desire by the filmmaker Miguel Valenzuela came out.

Calum Von Moger had a resemblance with one of the best bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With his fantastic physique and great personality, Calum became famous on social media and amassed millions of fans.

However, now it’s not looking suitable for Calum as recently he has been getting in trouble; a few weeks back, he chased a man with a machete after a road rage incident and rammed his car.

Now Calum is severely injured after jumping through class out of the 2nd story from his apartment building.

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Calum was recently thrown out of his parent’s house, and when he was arrested in the machete incident, police found drugs in his car.

The downfall of Calum happened after his injuries; he injured his bicep and also his leg a few years ago.

Somewhere along the way, he got lost, and YouTuber Nick Trigili, who runs the bodybuilding channel: Bodybuilding and Bullshit, discussed the incident, and he had some details about it.

Calum was recently evicted from his parent’s house, after leaving the house a mess as a screenshot shows:

Here are some of the things Nick said in his video covering the story of Calum Von Moger:

Allegedly he hasn’t gotten sober yet from all the incidents he has had with the police, the arrest, and everything else, and allegedly this incident happened because he was still high on ice which is also known as meth.

He was in this two-story either an apartment building or home and for whatever reason, one thing led to another and he jumped out the window, through the window not out the window but through the glass, cut himself up pretty bad and when he landed after jumping out of this two-story building he damaged his spine to the point he couldn’t walk and now he is sedated and in the ICU.

Hopefully, Calum gets the help that he may need.

We are all rooting for you buddy.

Nick Trigili Discusses What Happened With Calum (Video)

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