Calum Von Moger Allegedly Arrested for chasing a man with a Machette

Calum Von Moger Allegedly Arrested for chasing a man with a Machette

Bodybuilder Calum Von Moger quickly became popular in the fitness community after filmmaker Miguel Valenzuela released a short film about Calum Von Moger in 2013, Mad Desire.

Calum Von Moger quickly became famous in the fitness scene, and his resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique was something that the fans loved.

Calum quickly became one of the biggest influencers in the fitness scene, he also competed in bodybuilding, and his goal was to achieve a physique as the old-school bodybuilders such as Arnold had.

After years of being in the spotlight, it seems like Calum is not in a good place right now.

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette reported that Calum Von Moger was arrested after ramming his car into another vehicle, then he chased a man with a machete and was arrested.

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According to Greg Doucette, in Calums car, police found cocaine, meth, and steroids.

I can’t believe I am telling you this but Calum Von Moger is at it again, this time a story you are probably not going to believe. He was arrested for allegedly ramming a guy’s with his car with his vehicle, getting out with a machete, chasing after the guy and wrecking the guys car with his machette.

I think this is because of him potentially abusing narcotics, after searching his vehicle which wasn’t even registered in his own name they found meth, cocaine and steroids, that is not a good mix.

If this news is trustworthy from Greg Doucette, this is shocking, as Calum Von Moger has been one of the most beloved influencers in the fitness scene for a long time.

Calum Von Moger has amassed over 3 million followers on his Instagram, where his fans are commenting and asking him to stop this nonsense.

Greg Doucette covered this news on his channel; watch Greg’s video below:

Greg Doucette : Calum Von Moger Arrested AGAIN (video)

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