Calebs Top 5 Effective Supplements

Calebs Top 5 Effective Supplements

When it comes to supplements many young men and women believe all of the hype that they are force fed by the supplement industry. When I was younger I fell for the same bullshit. I was a skinny 21 year old thinking I needed pre workouts, protein powders, weight gainers, expensive multivitamins, all of that shit. I would read reviews and study up on the best products the market had to offer and guess what, I was fucking dumb. You don’t need most of that junk. Also the majority of these fitness models and Youtube cum buckets are all on gear, so don’t believe them when they are selling you bullshit.

That all being said, there are some actual worthwhile products out there. I’m not trying to sell you on anything because I honestly believe to achieve a respectable physique, you really don’t need supplements. As many have said before, these products are here to SUPPLEMENT your diet and help you build muscle and lose fat. Not be the primary source of your gains. I will say there are a few products that I have used and would like to recommend simply because I feel that they work. I’m not suggesting these for any other reason than that I feel they work well. So let’s get started.

1. Citadel Nutrition Tier 1

These days I don’t use supplements very often, but I will use this pre workout before leg day or if I’m really dragging. My girlfriend also really likes it and she’s not into supplements either. I have tried countless pre workouts in my younger days to the point where not only were they no longer effective, but they made me feel like hot cat shit burnt to the bottom of a steamy dumpster. Eventually I quit taking pre workouts all together but I would feel run down sometimes and needed some kind of boost. That’s when I found Tier 1.

Unlike most products on the market, this one has a lot of science behind the ingredients. Which I would like to add are all in proper doses and listed on the package. No shitty proprietary blends where you might being getting a hefty dose of dried ox jizz and beaver anal gland secretions. Tier 1 uses good ingredients and no added bullshit to make the product seem special. Even better is that they now have Tier 1 plus which has more caffeine for you stim junkies out there. One scoop is all you need.

It also taste amazing and mixes very well. A bonus is that the guys at Citadel Nutrition have hands down the best customer service I have ever dealt with. They are some of the nicest guys and have a real passion for their products. Good, reasonably priced products and great service puts them on top of my list. I highly recommend looking up their website and read up on their products.

2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Egg Protein Powder.

I’m going start this by saying that I am deathly allergic to whey protein. This is why I have the egg protein powder on this list instead of their whey protein, which I have also read is top notch. I don’t often take protein powders these days simply because of the price but this is one of my favorites. All of the flavors I’ve tried tasted good and they mixed pretty well.

One major downside with egg powders is the awful seepage of toxic gas you may develope. No such problem with this product. I have always felt that it digested very well and helped me get my protein needs for the day. Sometimes chicken breast and tuna get a little old. Remember though, this is a supplement, make sure you keep a good diet first and foremost. This will help you top off your protein needs. Don’t be the jackass who drinks ten shakes a day and shits out tapioca pudding every hour.

3. USP Labs Modern BCAA Plus

With the legal bullshit this company is going through I’m not quite sure what their future product output will be. I will say that they are the first supplement company I have ever dealt with though. Way back in the day I bought a tub of the original Jack3d and I’ve been benching 89 Buick Skylarks ever since. I have tried a lot of products from this company with varying results, but this is one of the products I really enjoyed.

I’m not read up on the current science of the effectiveness of BCAA’s but I always felt that this product helped me recover quicker. Most of the flavors taste pretty good and they mix fairly well too. I believe for a time they had a good bulk deal and until the recent legal bullshit USP Labs has gotten themselves into, they still had a lot of awesome inner circle deals on their products.

The guys at this company were always cool to me and I still dig the shirts and shaker cups I have from them. And until I hear about ground up hobo bones in this product or something it will stay on my list.

4. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Vitamins

I’ve never been the kind of guy who likes to take my vitamins. Since I’m allergic to whey I can’t drink much milk and as a boy I didn’t care for the Flintstone vitamins, so Hulk Hogan is very much ashamed of me. Guess I’ll never get 22 inch pythons BROTHER. I know it is a good idea to take a multi just to cover your bases though and one of the products I found most beneficial was the Animal Paks.

The downside is that you have to take a shit load of chalky hard to swallow horse pills but dammit if they didn’t make me feel a lot better. I always had great energy when I took these and it felt kind of cool opening the badass Animal containers. Damn if this company doesn’t know how to market some alpha looking shit. Citadel Nutrition has an athletic vitamin now and I’m sure it is much better. Unfortunately I have yet to try it so until then, Animal pak stays on my list.

5. Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate.

I’ve tried many kinds of creatine over the years, blends and all, and for the most part I never felt like they did much for me. This is the only creatine product on the market that I feel worked for me. The studies on creatine seem pretty solid and this product gave me some good strength

and energy boost. It seemed to draw more water into my muscles which seemed to help me recover a little quicker. Overall I say this is a decent product and since I don’t take many supplements, this rounds out my list.

When It comes to supplements the best thing to do is take one product at a time to actually see if it works for you. I see far too many people take a shit load of stuff and claim they are making gains from it. How the hell do you know what’s working and what isn’t? The main thing you need to focus on is being consistent with your workouts and making sure to eat a proper diet. Don’t go crazy with the supplements, spend your money on good food first. Or just hop on the juice and none of this will matter. Whatever it takes!

Author: Caleb James for BroScience

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