Burn Fat Safely and Effectively, 10 Ways To Get Shredded

Burn Fat Safely and Effectively – 10 Ways To Get Shredded Fast

Maybe you are new to bodybuilding, maybe you just finished a bulk (hopefully not too dirty) or maybe you are tired of failing at your dieting. Whatever your background, we are going to give you our most solid tips to burn fat safely and do it effectively today that work for EVERYONE when it comes to getting shredded. These are proven methods to improving your fat-loss results and should get you on your way to that ripped body you’ve been wanting for so long!

Top 10 Ways to Burn Fat Safely and Effectively

burn fat safely and effectively

1 – Don’t Focus Only on the Scale

Tracking your progress day to day is definitely not easy. Some days you will flat out look more cut than others depending on what you eat, drink, what muscles you’ve worked out, etc. One way to help make sure you are going in the right direction is to track your weight. Unfortunately most people take this to an extreme and weigh themselves several times per day. Remember, your weight can fluctuate daily for a number of factors. Check your weight only once per week but also take progress pictures and look at yourself in the mirror. How do you look? It’s possible you put on some muscle one week and that’s why your weight is up even though you look better in the mirror and your clothes fit better. The scale is only ONE way to measure your fat loss progress.

2 – Make Gradual Changes to Calorie Intake

If you are starting up a fat loss diet one of the worst things you can do is cut out a huge chunk of your calories right away to try and get your body to lose more fat. What you will actually be doing is increasing the chances you will lose muscle and inhibiting your ability to burn fat. Once your body sees that it is getting way less calories than it is used to it goes into “starvation” mode and slows down your metabolism. As a result, although you may be consuming less calories your body will be burning less throughout the day and you will be no better off. Additionally your body may break down muscle mass in order to provide nutrients. Keep your calorie changes gradual so your body can get used to the new normal more easily!

3 – Mix Up Your Calorie Intake

To follow-up on the previous point, you want to make sure your metabolism doesn’t drop too much and one great way to do that is to make slight modifications to your calorie consumption daily. As a result, your body can’t lower the metabolic rate because it hasn’t got used to the new stable level of daily calories.

4 – Do Weight Training!

If you want to burn fat safely then you should be lifting heavy which is why it shocks us how many people totally neglect weight training when trying to lose weight despite the huge amount of research that shows it actually helps you lose fat a lot faster. While the training itself does burn calories the real highlight here is the fact that it will boost your metabolism which will have you burning more calories around the clock! Additionally, building muscle will help you burn more calories daily as muscle burns more calories than fat. Finally, resistance training will prevent you from losing muscle instead of fat – a result that will leave you with the dreaded skinny-fat body.

5 – HIIT Cardio

Rather than run on a treadmill at the same speed and incline for 45 minutes, try doing intervals. That means brief spurts of high-intensity exercise followed by a short cooling-off period. Jumping rope and sprints are two great examples of HIIT cardio. In addition to burning more calories they also take less time, giving you more bang for your buck.

6 – Eat More Fatty Foods

Tons of studies show that foods containing healthy fats will go a long way to help you with your fat loss goals. Fish, nuts, olive oil and egg yolks are all great examples. Don’t let the name fool you – eating a low-fat diet will not help you become less fat yourself!

7 – Less Carbs!

Unfortunately a lot of foods are marketed as low-fat and to maintain the taste contain additional sugar. What this actually does is make the food worse for you as you are replacing a good ingredient (fat) with a bad one (sugar). Focus instead on foods that are low in carbs, particularly sugar and starches, as these can really hurt your fat-loss goals. When you do consume them, stick with complex sources like oatmeal and veggies. If you feel your energy levels dropping, consume more of your carbs early in the day or before workouts.

8 – Increase Protein Intake

Protein isn’t just for building mass – it is also essential to burn fat safely. It takes more work for your body to break down protein than it does to break down carbs or fats which means your metabolism will get a nice boost.

9 – Consume 6 Small Meals per Day

Don’t eat three or even two (shame on you for skipping breakfast!) huge meals per day as this will overload your body with nutrients when it doesn’t need them. Instead eat smaller meals throughout the day to provide you with the energy to get through your workouts and keep your metabolism working overtime! This will ensure that you effectively burn fat safely.

10 – Make your hard work count

If you’re doing all the hard work, you’re going to want to get the most out of it, right? That’s where high quality fat burners step in. They are designed eliminate trouble spots quicker, help stop cravings and raise your energy levels during low calorie diets. We recommend products that contain only all natural ingredients, with up to date formulas. Beware of companies that contain ineffective ingredients. You can see our best fat burner ingredients and our top 3 list of fat burners here.

How To Burn Fat Safely Summary;

This concludes our best tips to burn fat effectively but if you skipped to the summary then here’s what you need to know: Keep lifting heavy weights, start implementing HIIT cardio into your training regime, cut carbs while increasing you protein intake and make your hard work count with the right supplements, see our ultimate guide here.

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