How to Bulk Up - A Guide for Skinny Guys

How to Bulk Up – A Guide for Skinny Guys

So let’s say you are a skinny, relatively untrained guy looking to build some mass. While it might seem simple enough there are actually a lot of components to a successful bulk. You need to eat right, train effectively and measure your progress carefully. Failure to do so can lead to a flabby, unaesthetic physique with no additional muscle mass. With that said, we’ve put together a guide for skinny guys to bulk up effectively.

Find a Training Partner

Muscle Building

A training partner can be a huge asset or a liability depending on the person. Make sure you partner with someone who has similar goals to you and is also very disciplined. They can help make sure you stay on track and stop you from skipping workouts.

They can also watch your form and give you a spot when you need it. However, if your partner is unmotivated their low energy levels can bring you down and impact your workout. If your training partner isn’t working out don’t hesitate to cut them loose and replace them with someone more on your level.

Eat a Lot of Good Foods

Diet really is the key when it comes to building muscle. You can have the most amazing workouts but if you don’t have the diet to back it up you won’t gain much mass. You will need to be consuming a calorie surplus – this is where a lot of people mess up. In order to gain muscle you need to give your body more calories than it needs so that it can use those surplus calories to build muscle mass.

Foods like olive oil, avocado, red meat and complex carbs are all crucial for building mass as they contain plenty of calories as well as other helpful muscle-building nutrients.

Emulate the Pros

The great thing about bodybuilding is that there are tons of effective training programs out there you can copy. Nobody is going to criticize you for not creating your own training program. In fact, you are better off finding a proven program that is tailored towards your goals and copying it to the T.

Too many guys out there create their own programs that are too heavy on the crunches and bicep curls but lacking in multi-joint compound exercises. As a result, they get sub-optimal gains. Remember – there are tons of guys out there who have already figured this stuff out for you.

Take advantage of their research and hard work and start putting their programs to work for you.

Make Slow, Sustainable Gains

Aim to gain 1-2 pounds per week. This level is sustainable and safe – any more than this and you are likely just putting on fat. It might not seem like a lot, but after 3 months of putting on 1.5 pounds per week you will have added 18 pounds of muscle – you will look a hell of a lot better.

Sleep More

Sleep is important for a variety of reasons. It’s when your body releases the most testosterone. It’s when most of your muscle mass gets built. Finally, it’s the time when your body recovers the most from your previous workout. Without adequate sleep you won’t see the results of your hard work so make sure you get at least 8 hours each night.

Up the Calories

In order to gain one pound a week like we recommended you will need to consume an extra 500 calories per day. This can easily be throwing in a couple extra snacks, or having an extra meal each day. If you are having a hard time getting those extra calories try consuming more shakes. Liquid calories are easier to consume than solid foods and it isn’t hard to prepare a protein shake that contains over 500 calories.

Throw in some peanut butter, oatmeal and fruits along with a scoop of your favorite whey protein.

Train Compound Lifts

If you want to build a lot of mass you need to start focusing on multi-joint exercises. That means squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull-up, dips, rows, etc. If you are neglecting these exercises then you are going to hurt your chances of building a great body.

Bicep curls certainly have their place, but they should be done at the end of the workout after the compound lifts are done.

Cut Down on the Cardio

Remember that we are looking for a calorie surplus here so doing too much cardio can definitely make that harder. Obviously cardio is still good for your overall health so feel free to do some, just don’t overdo it on the elliptical. Also when you do perform cardio make sure you increase your calories to compensate for the ones you burned.  

Take a natural testosterone booster

Building muscle is easy for some guys.

While others can chug down protein shakes, eat loads of steak and potatoes but no matter what they do they don’t grow.

That’s where testosterone boosters step in. They were designed for those guys. The hard-gainers.

If you’re having a hard time building muscle you should consider adding a natural testosterone booster to your diet.

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