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With the ultimate ripped physique—Brandon Carter always appears to have just finished a cutting cycle.

His incredibly chiseled form, combined with his business-savvy brain, has led him to be one of the most respected trainers and nutritionists on the planet.

Yet, this success hides a shockingly dark and shady past that seems at odds with his clean-cut media persona.

Join me, as I reveal the insane truth about Brandon Carter.

Brandon Carter Wiki

Age:                                       37.

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Date of birth:                        15th September 1983.

Height:                                  6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

Weight:                                  190 pounds (86 kg).

Profession:                          Personal trainer, social media influencer, nutritionist, CEO

                                                and author.

Nationality:                           American.

Nickname:                            King of Keto.

About Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter was born into the tough Southside of Chicago—a factor that fuelled his desire to bulk up.

While walking to school with his mom one day, a violent gunman confronted them. Shouting vile obscenities, this villain robbed his mother of her purse. That very night in the safety of his bedroom with crayons in hand—he drew images of himself as a bigger and stronger guy—defeating the assailant in a fight.

A few years later, still just a skinny kid, he attended an all-white military school. But, his time there was an unhappy period for Brandon—being constantly bullied for being different. When he returned home for summer vacation—he began to train—resolving that he would never be picked on again.

By the age of 18, he was studying at Howard University, eventually obtaining a degree in marketing. While there, to supplement his funds, he became a personal trainer and model.

However, this work was neither as profitable nor prolific as he expected—so he turned to criminality.

Brandon Carter found there were vast sums to be made dealing drugs—and was soon living the true gangsta lifestyle. Yet, this sat uncomfortably with the solid morals his mother had instilled in him. So after a few months battling with his conscience—he made a life-changing decision.

He became determined to not only give up this illegal Brandon Carter business and better himself—but also to dedicate his career to improving the wellbeing of others through fitness, mental strength and nutrition.

Today, with numerous Brandon Carter books, nutritional and workout videos, massive YouTube and Instagram followings and his own supplement line—he’s achieved his goal.

Currently, Brandon Carter has no children and spends his time between New York and California. While there have been rumors of a relationship with fellow Instagram fitness star Bella Rahbek—Brandon insists they’re just good friends.

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Brandon Carter Net Worth

Brandon Carter Net Worth

Although Brandon Carter hasn’t disclosed his financial situation, experts believe through his numerous income streams he’s amassed wealth in the region of $2-5 million.

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Brandon Carter Workout Program

To get the phenomenal Brandon Carter abs look—you need to follow his punishing training regime schedule.

His approach is quite simple.

Brandon drops working individual muscle groups in favor of full-body workouts—completed three to four times per week. Additionally, Brandon will also include one day of HIIT or calisthenics—believing it helps to keep his body fat low and improve stability and flexibility.

Here’s a typical workout:

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday—Weights Workout

  1. Barbell squat                                    4 sets                          12-10-8-6 reps.
  2. Incline barbell bench press                       4 sets                          12-10-8-6 reps.
  3. Kettlebell Swings                             5 minutes                  N/A.
  4. Bent-over barbell row                      3 sets                          12-10-8 reps.
  5. Seated barbell shoulder press      4 sets                          12-10-8-6 reps.
  6. T-bar row with handle                     4 sets                          10-8-6-4 reps.
  7. TRX skull crusher                            3 sets                          15-13-11 reps.
  8. Dumbbell curl                                   4 sets                          12-10-8-6 reps.
  9. Lying leg curl                                                4 sets                          14-12-10-8 reps.

Conclude with medium-intensity cardio for 15 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Wednesday/Saturday—Rest Days


In the following workout, you should complete the reps to failure with a two-minute break between sets.

  1. Push ups                                           3 sets.
  2. Bench dips                                        2 sets.
  3. Alternate leg squats                        3 sets.
  4. Pull-ups                                             3 sets.
  5. Calf raises                                         3 sets.
  6. Handstand shoulder press            2 sets.
  7. Glute and hamstring raise              3 sets.
  8. Crunches                                          5 sets.

Take a look at Brandon powering through an intense calisthenics routine.

Additionally, Brandon Carter is also known to include battle ropes and punch bag training during his calisthenics days.

Brandon Carter Diet

Brandon Carter Diet

While known as the King of Keto—Brandon Carter doesn’t believe in dropping the carbs altogether.

The Brandon Carter keto plan involves loading the body with mainly green-leafy vegetables and protein (from meat and eggs) during the day—then hitting the body with carbs and protein post-workout.

His theory is as follows.

Carbs cause an insulin spike—the pancreas releasing this hormone to utilize carbohydrates for energy. However, insulin is also highly anabolic—boosting muscle growth.1 2

Furthermore, with no carbs during the day—fats are used as the body’s “go-to” energy source.

Hence—muscle gain and fat loss—leading to an impressive shredded physique.

Here’s the main man giving a little more detail:

Let me give you a typical Brandon Carter diet plan.

Meal #1

  • One tablespoon olive oil.
  • Four hard-boiled eggs.
  • Two slices of bacon.
  • One cup of spinach.

Meal #2

  • Eight ounces of beef steak.
  • Three cups of curly kale.
  • Two scrambled eggs.
  • A quarter of an avocado.

Meal #3

  • Four ounces of pork chops.
  • One tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Three-quarters of a cup of portobello mushrooms.
  • Three cups of cabbage.

Meal #4—Post Workout

  • Eight ounces of white potatoes.
  • Three-quarters of a cup of brown rice.
  • Four ounces of salmon.
  • Half a cup quinoa.

Is Brandon Carter on Steroids

Is Brandon Carter on Steroids?

According to Brandon Carter himself, the answer is no—he’s natural.

He explains that unlike bodybuilders who juice—he doesn’t follow the extended bulking/cutting cycles that can last for months.

Instead, he works on what he calls “mini-cycles”—just a couple of weeks of bulking and then cutting. This is then repeated 52 weeks of the year.

Here he is explaining in detail:

But, should we believe him—considering he has a background in illegal narcotics?

Firstly, he doesn’t exhibit the outward appearance of a ‘roid user—no belly, gyno, vascularity or acne.

Secondly, his gains are steady, to say the least. Take a look at the two images below:

photo of Brandon Carterphoto of Brandon Carter 2

The photo on the left is Brandon Carter in 2012, weighing 175 pounds. On the right, the picture was taken in 2014 at a weight of 190 pounds.

That’s just a 15-pound gain in around two years. Not exactly the hallmark of a heavy steroid user.

Hence, I would suggest that we take Brandon Carter at his word—and his phenomenal body is down 100 percent to diet and training.

Brandon Carter Before and After

Brandon Carter is lucky to have some seriously impressive genes. Below is an image of him aged just 16.

While at this time he was active in sports, according to Brandon, it was to be another couple of years before he started lifting weights.

Brandon Carter Before and After

Compare that to the present day—and you can see the power of serious training.

Brandon Carter Before and After 2

Brandon explains that it took him around three years to progress from an averagely fit 155-pound guy into the 180-pound statuesque figure he currently displays.

Brandon Carter Supplements

Despite believing that you should meet the majority of your nutritional needs through diet—he understands that personal preferences, time and intolerances can make this target tough.

Hence requiring supplementation.

However, Brandon Carter felt that many of the current bodybuilding products were overpriced, overhyped and lacked scientific backing. So, he formed his own nutritional supplement company—Bro Laboratories.

His Brandon Carter Linkedin profile shows he is still CEO of this company—a position he’s fulfilled since 2013. The range includes the bodybuilding staples of fat-burners, BCAAs, pre-workouts and creatine.

Brandon Carter Supplements

Brandon Carter Quotes: Motivation and Inspiration

Brandon doesn’t like to sugar-coat his advice. When he speaks, he says it like it is—considering it “tough-love.”

When asked what’s your preferred style of encouragement to overweight people?—his response was short and to the point—shaming.

Here are a few of his inspiring statements:

“Either you’re gonna be a hoe all your life and complain and cry about your circumstances, or you’re going to go out and take what’s yours.”

“What do you want? ‘Cause it’s all here—you just gotta be willing to go out and get it.”

“The struggle that you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

“Some people may have advantages that you don’t have. You may have to work harder than them—so work harder than them. If that’s what it takes—then that’s what you do.

Brandon Carter Frequently Asked Questions

“Did Brandon Carter Die in an Accident in June 2019?”

No. The Brandon Carter St Augustine story relates to a car crash that occurred in Florida.

This sadly involved the death of a 20-year-old man called Brandon Carter—but not the fitness trainer in this article.3

“Is Brandon Carter on Steroids?”

Brandon denies using synthetic enhancements—and his lack of bulk indicates this to be true.

“Did Brandon Carter Attend The Massachusetts Institute of Technology?”


The Brandon Carter MIT myth is due to a case of mistaken identity. While there is a Brandon Carter at MIT—he’s a researcher in artificial intelligence—not a bodybuilder.4

Brandon Carter Frequently Asked Questions

Brandon Carter Summary

Brandon Carter serves as an inspiration to us all.

It’s not just his immense focus on training and diet to build an awesome physique we should admire—but also his life choices.

Brandon shows how our early mistakes in life don’t have to control our destiny. By making courageous decisions to leave easy-street and being determined to better ourselves—we can all attain our goals.

Sure, the path may be tough—but with a positive approach and an indefatigable mindset—anything is possible.



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