Bradley Martin Vs. Justin Bieber: Who Do Women find More Attractive?

Bradley Martin Vs. Justin Bieber: Who Do Women find More Attractive?


Okay, so it’s not very often, if ever again that you’ll hear of Bradley Martin and Justin Bieber going head-to-head…

Justin Beiber isn’t a kid anymore, and is definitely gown now, meaning that he doesn’t just appeal to school girls who worship their poster of him on their bedroom walls anymore. Now he’s got all kinds of women, grown women, from teachers to accountant, flustered under the collar!


Bradley Martin on the other hand, couldn’t be further from spice boy Justin… Bradley is 6’3″ at 260lbs LEAN, and could curl Justin for fun…


So this comparison is kinda like comparing Duck Liver Parfait with Stake and Chips. (Yeah, we weren’t sure what the first one was either but it sounds pretty delicate and fancy right?)

But let’s be real… Bradley is practically the perfect example of an Alpha gym goer, and (nearly) everyone, whether they admit it or not, started going to the gym to get girls. so bradley should have this one in the bag? Right?

HOWEVER, don’t underestimate the power that Justin has to make girls weak at the knees with just a glance of his spice boy charm…


You wont be surprised to hear that it isn’t all black or white, some girls preferred the lad-ish looks of Justin, but some girls obviously want an alpha male like Bradley too, to make them feel protected etc… But then again, some girls like fat guys too because they like the security that there aren’t loads of other girls going for them… Girls are strange, huh??

Anyway… onto the reason you’re here! See what the Girls said in the video below!

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