Brad Castleberry: Fake weights or INSANELY Strong?

Brad Castleberry: Fake weights or INSANELY Strong?

Bradly Castleberry has gained a lot of attention in recent years both for his muscular physique but more attention for his crazy heavy lifts.

Brad has amassed almost 900 thousand followers on instagram and frequently posts videos of super heavy lifts he does in the gym.

He used to compete in bodybuilding back in the day but has now focused more on enjoying the journey and spreading his positive message on social media.

Brad is 35 years old, weighs around 220-250 lbs and is 5’10.

Does Brad Castleberry Use Fake Weights?

In fact Brad is so strong that if he were to compete in a powerlifting competition and lift the same weight as he does in his videos he would hold a few world records.

The problem?

Nobody believes Brad Castleberry can lift the weights and he refuses to proof his lifts in powerlifting competitions.

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Gains allday

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He first caught attention in the fitness world for repping out 675 lbs in the bench press for two reps.

At his body weight that would be a world record by a long shot.

He later did again for one rep.

Also his squat of 855 lbs caught attention which would make him a world class squatter as well.

Brad’s attempt to clarify that he is in fact using real weights was kinda strange, as he weighed all the plates he used on a scale and put them on the bar.

They were all real weights but the problem was that he only put around 400 lbs.

Despite being invited to several powerlifting events he has never proved his strength in a real competition.

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Grind time. Couldn’t fit anymore

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The problem lies with this:

If he really is that strong why wouldn’t he proof his strength and crush a few world records in the process?

You can also see the same hexagon plates in every “world record” lift he does which many people find quite suspicous.

One thing is for sure, Brad Castleberry has gained a lot of followers and attention for his lifts and maby he did it for the fame.

Brad is a big dude and he is strong for sure, but maby not the strongest bench presser in the world.

How can a guy do a world record bench press lift in the gym with only one spotter.

When you see powerlifters lift so much weight there are usually three spotters for safety reasons.

Even if he could lift these world record weights wouldn’t he have three spotters just for safety?

Still to this day he has not proven in a real competition that he can lift these weights despite several people in the fitness industry calling him out and telling everyone he uses fake plates.

Until he can prove that he can lift these weights in competition I guess we have to assume these are fake weights.

Look at this way : If you could crush a world record wouldn’t you want to prove the critics wrong and get a legitimate world record with your name attached to it?

I think we can all agree that Brad Castleberry looks good and doesn’t need to use fake weights.

You can check more if his lifts out on his instagram page.

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