Brad Castleberry Chest Workout For Strength

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36-year old Brad Castleberry from the US is one of the strongest powerlifters in the world.

Brad Castleberry weighs around 245-255 lbs, and his height is 5’10.

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He has a bodybuilder’s physique, is ripped, and could arguably do well in bodybuilding if he wanted to.

Brad is a controversial icon in the fitness scene, claiming to have squatted 855 lbs, and he even recorded himself bench pressing 675 lbs for two reps.

With Brad’s impressive strength and physique, he has become famous and has almost 1 million followers on Instagram.

However, many people believe he uses fake weights in some of the lifts.

Brad is firm that the weights are real, and he is this strong; however, he has never proved himself in a powerlifting competition, and the lifts he has performed in some of his videos would make him a powerlifting champion if he would perform them at a real competition.

Even with the fake weights controversy, there is no denying that Brad is freakishly strong, and in his recent chest workout footage, you can see Brad Rep out 200 lbs in the dumbbell bench press for reps.

Brad Castleberry Strongest Natural Lifter

Brad Castleberry claims to be a natural lifter, making him arguably the strongest natural in the world.

He isn’t only strong; he has a massive and shredded physique.

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In an interview with Generation Iron, Brad Castleberry affirms that he is a natural lifter and hasn’t used steroids to enhance his results.

When asked if he uses steroids, Brad responds this way:

I feel like I am one of a kind in the industry, I even take my shirt off more now because I’m more confident without my shirt off than I used to. I am proud because I worked hard for this. Look at people out there taking stuff and they are not even close to this. This is dedicated 22-years of every day and that are not many people in this world that have worked out for 22-straight years nonstop.

Brad Castleberry Chest Workout

Recently, Brad Castleberry posted his incredibly heavy chest workout, where he reps out 200 lbs dumbbells in the bench press.

Brad performs the exercises with crazy heavyweights and is probably one of the very few people in the gym that uses a 200 lbs dumbbell in his workouts.

Brad Castleberry Chest workout routine:

  • Dumbbell Bench Press 3 sets, 3-5 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench pres 3 sets 3-6 reps
  • Incline Bench press 3 sets, 5-8 reps

Brad Castleberry Chest Workout (video)

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