Boost your Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve your Health!

Boost your Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve your Health!

Boost your Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve your Health!


The health of benefits of nitric oxide were known to scientists well before we even knew that it was present in the human body. It was used in medicine to treat elevated blood pressure as early as the 1880s however nobody knew exactly why it was working until almost 100 years later. In 1998, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their studies relating to nitric oxide and the numerous health benefits it has in the human body!

What is Nitric Oxide and what does it do?

Nitric oxide is produced by endothelial cells in the arteries and it relaxes the arteries helping blood move through more easily. As a result, nitric oxide is crucial in regulating blood pressure and circulation not to mention reducing inflammation. Studies on atherosclerosis, the main cause of heart disease and most vascular disorders, have shown that endothelial dysfunction and poor ability to produce nitric oxide are underlying causes. Weak arteries can’t create enough nitric oxide which further deteriorates them and makes circulation worse – elevating your risk of catastrophic cardiac events. This is why nitroglycerin, a drug that works on nitric oxide pathways, is such an effective treatment. It encourages nitric oxide production which dilates the arteries thereby improving circulation and delivering oxygen to the heart. In fact, many of the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis use nitric oxide to increase blood flow to the penis for stronger erections.

Nitric oxide is also generated in the brain to improve neurotransmission. Having high levels of the molecule in your system can help reduce the effects of dementia and other neurological disorders. As for the gastrointestinal tract, nitric oxide relaxes the muscle cells which helps regulate intestinal functions. There are a number of other areas where you can benefit from this supplement including respiratory function, bone remodeling, insulin signaling and many more.

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How to Increase Nitric Oxide Levels

Nitric oxide is synthesized from the amino acid arginine so adding in meat and poultry to your diet can help boost your levels naturally. Additionally, vegetables like Swiss chard, arugula and spinach are rich in compounds that encourage production of nitric oxide in the body. Given that vegetables are high in potassium it is of no surprise that plant-based diets are associated with low-blood pressure and reduced risk of heart attack, stroke or diabetes.

Drinking two cups a day of beet juice can also help improve your nitric oxide levels. Studies show that this amount of consumption is the equivalent of six times a usual daily intake so you can be sure that your blood pressure will drop as a result, not to mention your stamina will improve. If you can’t stand the taste try adding in a natural sweetener or mixing it with other healthy ingredients. There are also many great nutrients out there like tea, grapes and onions that contain flavonoids which help preserve nitric oxide levels in the body. Finally, exercising is a great way to naturally boost your nitric oxide levels. Working out requires additional oxygen and nutrients which prompts your body to release more nitric oxide to help improve blood flow to the areas of your body that need it.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

In order to make sure your nitric oxide levels are as high as possible we also recommend taking a supplement like Nitrocut – it contains a wide variety of ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost nitric oxide levels in the body. Don’t miss out on all the great health benefits, not to mention the improved performance in the gym.

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