FB Page "Bodybuilders Against Tipping" Is Creating Outrage

FB Page “Bodybuilders Against Tipping” Is Creating Outrage

Facebook page “bodybuilders against tipping” is a page on facebook that has been getting a lot of controversy over the internet for the last couple of years.

Makers of the page use Said Sergeyvich “Chestbrah” who is brother of Zyzz as the face of the page.

Chestbrah has come with a statement that he is not responsible for the page and is in no way affiliated with the page.

(You can see the posts from the page if scroll down and take a look at the comments from outraged people)

After the latest post from the Facebook page “bodybuilders against tipping” many people found out that it was Chestbrah’s photo who was used in the post.

Chestbrah received many unpleasant comments and messages from people all over the world. He has confirmed that he is not the owner of the page.

However the owner of this facebook page uses chestbrahs pictures and make it seem as he is the one running the page.

What is the page bodybuilders against tipping about?

This page is pretty much trolling waiters, servers and people working in the food industry.

This is their statement:

As bodybuilders, we are uniting and letting it be known that tipping should be abolished. Serving food and drinks does not warrant a tip. Anyone can do this

It encourages people to not tip servers because it is a easy job that anyone can do.

While some people know this is a troll site there are others which believe that this is a serious page and that Chestbrah is the owner of it.

That’s why the comment section of each post is always filled with angry waiters and servers who are furious about this page.

I have to admit, I find this page really funny and seeing people raging in the comment section is hilarious.

Loyal fans of the page always back up the posts in the comment section and some even agree that tipping should be abolished entirely.

I mean tipping isn’t a thing everywhere in many countries tipping isn’t even a thing.

Why should you tip a waiter who serves food but you don’t tip someone who helped you pick out a phone or shoes?

This is definitely a sensitive subject as many servers rely heavily upon tips as their salary without tips is really low.

I think most of us can agree on one thing and that is that this page is quite funny and maby the person running the page is against tipping for real.

The most recent post from Bodybuilders against tipping went viral. The post was about the coronavirus, It created a lot of controversies and especially the fact that he stated that coronavirus only kills the obese and it doesn’t affect people under 10% body fat.

Well, you can pretty much see the reaction in the comment section from the posts here below.

Relax, I'm 6 feet away from you whining "essential workers". Go ahead and take my picture, I don't need to wear no…

Posted by Bodybuilders Against Tipping on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Drove the xmas Miata up to the northeast to celebrate the big man's birthday(god) spreading holiday gainz and leaving…

Posted by Bodybuilders Against Tipping on Wednesday, December 19, 2018
How to properly tip a valet driver

Its disheartening to see so much hate from servers, bartenders and other poverty occupations, especially when I've done so much for them. I've counseled many ex-cons and ex-servers (ex-cons tend to learn faster) to help improve overall aesthetics and life choices. I can't count how many times I've given away free workout regimes on the back of my dinner bill. Tonight I gave the two valet boys a gift they will be tell their grand kids about. It was a super busy night and these guys were really working hard to keep up with the flow. They were drenched with sweat and weren't receiving anything in tips ( I pass out my no tips crew brochures at this winery LOL). As they pulled up my Miata and tossed me the keys, I took it upon myself to spoil them with a little pose off. The look on their faces was priceless, further proving tips are invalid(eTIP=mczero365xday)**I don't do this for me. I don't do this for the attention. I do this for you guys. For all of us. For me#valetgod #notipscrew #weareallwitness**source- 2007:10 Dr. Myron Pecs, Cambridge Sociology; Thesis 56,1 Thermal Tipping Dynamics

Posted by Bodybuilders Against Tipping on Thursday, February 25, 2016

After 2016 I thought good had finally won with most of the world abolishing tipping. I THOUGHT surely the US would…

Posted by Bodybuilders Against Tipping on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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