This Bodybuilder Suffers From ISLD - "I Skip Leg Day"

This Bodybuilder Suffers From ISLD – “I Skip Leg Day”

Robert Frank the bodybuilder made a hilarious day recently on his channel.

He made a comedy sketch about a guy who has not been training legs for 15 years.

We say way too many guys in the gym neglecting legs.

They might train legs once in a while but never do squats or any other exercise that challenges the muscle.

That’s why so many guys have huge upper bodies but the legs are not proportioned to the huge upper body.

This does definitely not look good.

Nobody is saying you need huge legs, but having them strong and in proportioned to the upper body is going to make you look a lot better.

So hopefully this will be motivation for some guys to start doing them squats with intensity.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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