Bodybuilder Slept With His Mothers Girlfriend And Got A Beating He Won't Forget

Bodybuilder Slept With His Mothers Girlfriend And Got A Beating He Won’t Forget

Pictures in this news article are not related to the incident.

bodybuilder with girl

This incident happened in Tampa Florida and was reported to the police.

A young male bodybuilder 27 years of age was engaged to a woman with an upcoming wedding next summer did a really bad mistake. His girlfriend was out of town with her father exploring job opportunities while her boyfriend invited her mother(girlfriends mom) home for dinner. Things got quickly hot and heated and they ended up having sexual intercourse and she spent all the night with him, little did they know that the father and daughter arrived early home on a Wednesday morning at 7 am when the original plan was to be home at 13 pm. Needless to say the girlfriend walked on his boyfriend and mother sleeping in her bed while her father was wondering were his wife was. The father who is a trained MMA fighter got a call from his daughter and she told him what she just witnessed, the father went to their house and beat the crap out of her boyfriend and left him with 2 broken arms and beat him several times in the face so he passed out.

He went on a rampage and slapped his wife as well several times and kicked her in the stomach so she was left on the floor vomiting. The father is now facing charges for domestic violence and is faced with a 2 year prison sentence. A few days later the boyfriend came home from work and his apartment was completely destroyed, every window in his house was shattered and the inside of the apartment was a complete mess. It has not been proved(at least not yet) but most likely the father or his daughter destroyed his apartment. Needless to say this was a mistake that this bodybuilder won’t forget and probably won’t make again.

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11 thoughts on “Bodybuilder Slept With His Mothers Girlfriend And Got A Beating He Won’t Forget”

  1. Avatar

    I’m sorry, but I call bullshit to this. There is no way some old dude is going to beat up a big strong bodybuilder. just cause he’s taken a few mma classes. “trained mma fighter” my ass. I’ve known tons of guys that have taken mma at some school and called themselves an mma fighter.

    1. Avatar

      If you know how to fight, and you fight someone who doesn’t, they are going to win. how is that unbelievable? strength has little to do with fighting and there are many videos of martial artists kicking bodybuilders asses just because the bodybuilder thinks he’s tough.

    2. Avatar

      I think the article was made up to elicit a debate about bodybuilding vs. MMA enthusiasts. (and therefore garner more hits/views) The article is not even legally consistent. The man did all that and was charged with “domestic violence”

  2. Avatar
    Jeremy Devin Mosesson

    So he went to work with broken arms and also this is some shit writing and seems too fake to be real. This sounds like some autistic kid wrote this like what the fuck, anybody who believes this is retarded, gullible, or both!

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