Bodybuilder Goes On a Hilarious Rant "Crossfit Plates are a JOKE"

Bodybuilder Goes On a Hilarious Rant “Crossfit Plates are a JOKE”

Robert Frank is no stranger to lifting weights. This bodybuilder has been in the game for quite some time and even has is own Youtube channel were he frequently says what is on his mind.

This time he is talking about crossfit plates which some people call bumper plates.

These plates are huge in size but weigh only a fraction if you compare them to real steel plates.

We’ve seen countless of videos online of people using these plates to look impressive on instagram.

However these plates weigh much less compared to size on standard lifting plates.

So why do people use these bumper aka crossfit plates? Just to look like they are lifting more weights.

I personally don’t get it but there might be a reason for it. (please let me know)

Do you use crossfit plates aka bumper plates ? let us know in the comment section if you do and why!

If they ain’t steel they ain’t real

Anyways this video gets hilarious as Robert Frank roasts people using these kinda plates.


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1 thought on “Bodybuilder Goes On a Hilarious Rant “Crossfit Plates are a JOKE””

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    I did crossfit for about a year… and the reason why I believe they use them is because of the type of workouts they do, often they drop them. It’s definitely not to look like there’s more weight on there lol

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