Single Bodybuilder Impresses People With His Muscle Anatomy Lesson

Single Bodybuilder Impresses People With His Muscle Anatomy Lesson

Jason Genova a well known veteran in the bodybuilding community is only getting more popular with each day that goes by.

I don’t know if it is because he has never managed to get lean in his bodybuilding journey or because of his hilarious personality.

He has competed in a few bodybuilding shows and frequently posts videos on his social media pages.

You might remeber this guy from way back then he got slapped by Rich Piana(rip).

Here’s the video

Rich Piana later apologized, however this guy had been trolling Rich Piana on social media for a long time.

Eventually when they met Rich Piana used the opportunity in some “slap game” and kinda went hard on him.

Anyways just thought this video was quite entertaining has he gives us much needed muscle anatomy lessons.

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