Bodybuilder Jay Cutler Does He Use Steroids or is he Natty?

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The realm of bodybuilding is often shrouded with speculations and allegations about steroid use.

One of the legends in this field, Jay Cutler, a proud winner of 4 Mr. Olympia titles, has had his fair share of scrutiny and allegations regarding steroid use.

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The discussions concerning whether Jay Cutler was natural or aided his bodybuilding career with steroids are widespread.

This narrative will shed light on the realities, diving into Jay Cutler’s openness about steroid use and the implications of such choices.

Open Conversations: Steroid Usage in Competitive Bodybuilding

The scrutiny about steroid usage isn’t unique to Jay Cutler.

Many professional bodybuilders find themselves amid the storm of steroid accusations.

While not every athlete is open about this subject, the world of competitive bodybuilding, especially at the high stakes level of Mr. Olympia, is often intertwined with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Jay Cutler, unlike many, has been quite candid about his relationship with steroids, making him a rather transparent figure in a sport known for its secrecy regarding PEDs.

The Reality: Jay Cutler’s Steroid Admissions

Jay Cutler’s transparency about steroid usage has not only been an open secret but also a topic he has discussed publicly.

Post-retirement from the competitive scene about a decade ago, Cutler revealed that he continues to use steroids, albeit under medical supervision as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

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The therapy involves the administration of testosterone doses to counterbalance his body’s inability to produce the hormone naturally, likely a result of extended steroid use during his active bodybuilding years.

HRT is quite common among older individuals, especially males, whose natural testosterone production declines with age.

Facing the Truth: Cutler’s Open Dialogue

Jay Cutler’s honesty about steroid usage has been met with applause from his avid followers and the bodybuilding community at large.

His straightforwardness, along with other bodybuilding icons like Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lee Priest, sheds light on a topic that’s often considered taboo, yet is a significant aspect of competitive bodybuilding.

In one of his interviews with Muscular Development, Jay Cutler provided insight into his steroid regimen during his competing years.

He mentioned that a weekly dosage of around 500 to 1000 mg of testosterone was his preferred range, with 500 mg being the sweet spot.

The narrative continued with Cutler sharing that his steroid use would alter during contest prep, where he included other substances like winstrol, suspensions, or primo bolons, reaching a total of perhaps 1500 mg per week.

Maintaining a Legendary Physique: Jay Cutler’s Post-Retirement Fitness Regime

jay cutler now

Jay Cutler’s transition from a highly competitive bodybuilder to a retired champion is an epitome of a disciplined and focused fitness regime.

Despite hanging up his competitive boots, Cutler has managed to keep himself in remarkable shape, displaying a body that many fitness enthusiasts aspire to.

His post-retirement physique continues to exhibit the hallmarks of his bodybuilding days – rippling muscles, a defined core, and an overall well-maintained musculature.

Here, we delve into the aspects that have contributed to Jay Cutler’s sustained fitness levels post-retirement.

The Aftermath and Ongoing HRT


Even after retiring, Jay Cutler’s affiliation with steroids continues through his HRT, underlining a long-term reliance that originated from his competitive days.

His forthrightness about such usage, the reasons behind it, and the medical steps taken post-retirement showcases a rare level of openness in a sport where such discussions are often kept behind closed doors.

Jay Cutler’s journey unveils the less spoken realities of bodybuilding at a professional level, reminding both enthusiasts and aspiring bodybuilders of the choices and potential long-term implications that come with the quest for unparalleled physique and performance.

The Legacy: Jay Cutler’s Candidness

Jay Cutler’s legacy in bodybuilding is twofold – his remarkable achievements, crowned by 4 Mr. Olympia titles, and his honesty regarding steroid use.

His openness contributes to a broader discussion about steroids’ place in bodybuilding, a dialogue that might, in time, shape the narrative and policies surrounding PED use in the sport.

Through his candidness, Jay Cutler has not only carved out a legendary status but also initiated a critical conversation that could impact the future of competitive bodybuilding.

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