“Bodybuilder” Brad Castleberry Training Muay Thai Is Something You Have to See

“Bodybuilder” Brad Castleberry Training Muay Thai Is Something You Have to See

Who’s Brad Castleberry?

Brad castleberry posing

For those of you who still do not know about him, Brad Castleberry is an internet-famous bodybuilder & powerlifter, who has accomplished insane feats of strength & muscularity.

This 33 years old human specimen sits at an astonishing 255 lbs, stacked onto his fairly tall 5’10” frame.

Some people have even called him out for using fake weights! That’s how strong he is.

Training diversity

Brad castleberry training

Now, for the most part, bodybuilders like Brad are mainly dedicated to improving a couple of physical properties- Strength, strength endurance, power & explosiveness.

They primarily stick to their weight training routine, that is properly structured, in a way that will yield optimal muscle & strength gains.

From time to time however, you see bodybuilders breaking the habit of being themselves and trying new things.

Needless to say, when you rinse & repeat the same training and eating regimen, it gets boring at one point!

That’s probably the reason why Brad Castleberry decided to take on some Muay Thai training, as you will see in the video at the end of this article.

As a matter of fact, Brad is one of the bigger guys who also implement other types of training, rather than just weight lifting.

If you checkout Brad’s instagram, you’ll see him do not only heavy deadlifts, squats & presses, but also more athletic movements, including but not limited to handstands, jumps, kicks & punches.

The gym-goer training paradigm

Now, we from broscience.com firmly believe that the human body was made to MOVE.

If you only lift weights from point A to point B, well, you will develop good levels of strength, power & muscularity.

However, chances are, other physical properties like agility & dexterity will remain underdeveloped, if they are not practiced enough.

If you’re not obsessed with being strong and muscular, we encourage you to break the gym-goer paradigm and do MORE with your body.

Go jump, sprint, climb, crawl, swim, dive, stretch, kick, punch & balance, go do more than just lifting weights and we PROMISE, you will look, feel and perform better.

Granted, Brad is one strong, athletic and impressive human being… But then again, there are others who literally DWARF him.

Check out our comparison between Brad Castleberry & Larry Wheels .

Props to Brad for getting out of the box and trying new things! Check out his video below.

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