Guy Gets Worried About His Girl When A Bodybuilder Shows Up at planet fitness

Guy Gets Worried About His Girl When A Bodybuilder Shows Up at planet fitness

If you’ve never heard of Planet Fitness, this is a place unlike any other weightlifting gym.

Planet Fitness is designed for unmotivated people and people who don’t really want to stay true to the healthy lifestyle.

It’s a gym for people who really don’t wanna be there and they want to be around other people like them.

So, pretty much, Planet Fitness HATES bodybuilders and powerlifters, which is why they don’t even have squat racks.

I mean… They even have a lunk alarm!

If you smash the weights too loudly, you will trigger the alarm!

On top of that, Planet Fitness also has a FREE Pizza day, during which, everyone in the gym literally gets free pizza.

They are known for kicking people out of the gym for stupid reasons.

Those include but are not limited to- Dropping weights and even being too fit.

Yes, you heard that right – They might kick you out if you are too fit.

If you want to get more familiar, check out this article, where we show you 4x World’s strongest man Brian Shaw, setting off the lunk alarm when trolling planet fitness.

On top of that, planet fitness is the cheapest gym around, at prices of as low as 10$ a month!

Watch the video below as Connor Murphy hits a back workout in Planet Fitness and makes a guy get JEALOUS (@3:28)!


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