What Your Body Actually Does When Storing Fat - How You can Avoid It

What Your Body Actually Does When Storing Fat – How You can Avoid It

Some people think that carbs are the devil.

In the fitness and nutrition industries, people are against carbs. Every day someone is pushing some form of zero carb diet that will get you ripped.

While certain carbs are bad and lead to weight gain, and it can be worthwhile cutting carbs for certain periods of time (such as sugary or refined carbs), there is a way to make your body more insulin sensitive (allowing you to efficiently process carbs).

Not all carbs are bad for you. Carbs can even help accelerate fat loss and muscle building goals when done correctly.

Man Pinching the Fat on his Belly

When calories are stored, it is either as carbs or fat.

Fat storage is in the fat tissue and carbs are stored in the liver and muscle tissue. It’s like having a “fat tank” and a “sugar tank.”

In the fat tank there is unlimited space, so you will continually fill up and swell if you are consuming more fat than you are burning.

There is only enough storage for around 2,000 calories in your sugar tank so any excess over this will be stored in the fat tank.

If you do enough activity, these tanks will never fill up to the top and you will lose weight. The problem isn’t sugar consumption according to Dr. Todd Miller

 “The problem is that we’re always in ‘storage mode’ instead of being in ‘burn mode’.

“If we’re always in burn mode it really doesn’t matter how much sugar we eat because we’re always going to be burning more than we eat and these tanks are never going to get filled.

“If we’re in storage mode where we’re eating more than we burn then carbohydrate consumption becomes a problem.

“But it’s not just carbohydrate that’s a problem – fat is also a problem too.

“We eat too much sugar, that’s true. We also eat too much fat. We eat too much food and we don’t burn enough calories.

“As a result we spend our lives in storage mode instead of in burn mode.

“We can look at people like athletes who eat an enormous amount of carbohydrates and they don’t get fat.

“Why don’t they get fat? Because they’re always in burn mode.”

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